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CPS001 Analyzing the Fluctuations in Number of Births in Korea by Determining the Magnitudes of Tempo, Quantum and Mean Generation Size

Analyzing the Fluctuations in Number of Births in Korea by Determining the Magnitudes of Tempo, Quantum and Mean Generation Size
Eunkoo Lee      Abstract       Paper

Standard Days Method for Family Planning in Mali
Chimene Diane Djapou      Abstract       Paper

The Effect of Mother's Age at First Birth on Under-Five Child Mortality in Egypt – The Study Shows the Important Effect of Mother's Age at First Birth, Concentrating on Young and Old Age of Mothers, on under Five Child Mortality Rate
Hoda Mostafa Attia      Abstract      

Family Dissolution and Demographic Outcomes in South Africa: 2002 - 2009
Leonard Ahuejere      Abstract       Paper

What Drives Short Rate Dynamics? A Functional Gradient Descent Approach
Francesco Audrino      Abstract       Paper

On Misspecification of Transition Models with GARCH Error Series: The Monte Carlo Evidence
OlaOluwa S. Yaya, Olanrewaju I. Shittu      Abstract       Paper

Maximum Likelihood Estimation in the Logistic Regression Model with a Cure Fraction
Aba Diop, Aliou Diop, Jean-François Dupuy      Abstract       Paper

Sentiment Analysis of Irish News Media
Michael Salter-Townshend, Thomas Brendan Murphy      Abstract       Paper

Permutation Tests for Analysing Cospeciation in Multiple Phylogenies
Lazarus K. Mramba      Abstract       Paper

A Bayesian Approach to Asymmetric Multidimensional Scaling
Kensuke Okada      Abstract       Paper

Comparison of On-Line Design of Experiments Methods on Physical Models
Koen M. Rutten, Josse De Baerdemaeker, Bart De Ketelaere      Abstract       Paper

Evaluation of Clustering with Categorical and Mixed Type Variables and Cluster Number Determination
Tomas Loster, Hana Rezankova      Abstract       Paper

Markov Systems with Fuzzy States for Describing Students' Educational Progress in Greek Universities
Maria Symeonaki, Aglaia Kalamatianou      Abstract       Paper

Explaining Income Inequality in Italy: Results from a Regression-Based Decomposition Approach
Rosalba Manna      Abstract       Paper

Predicting the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease and Diabetes in Taiwan
Hsing-Yi Chang, Ching-Yu Huang, Hsin-Ling Fang      Abstract       Paper

Finite Mixtures Analysis in Survey Sampling Problems
Artem Shcherbina, Rostyslav Maiboroda, Olena Sugakova      Abstract       Paper

Frailty Models with a Cure Fraction for Modeling Clustered Discrete Survival Data
Yunchan Chi, Chia-Min Chen      Abstract       Paper

A Scoring Model for Studying the Determinants of School Dropout before the Secondary Education in Cameroon
Christian Kapnang Nguenang      Abstract       Paper

Generation of Business Statistics Micro Data
Jan-Philipp Kolb, Ralf Münnich, Thomas Zimmermann      Abstract       Paper

Validity Evidences of the Attitudes towards Statistics Scale SATSPORTUGUESE: A Study with Brazilian Students
Claudette Maria Medeiros Vendramini, Cláudia Borim Silva, Verônica Yumi Kataoka, Irene Maurício Cazorla      Abstract       Paper

A Study on Total Factor Productivity Changes by the Firm's Size in Korean Manufacturing
HeeKyung Son      Abstract      

A Logit Model of Electronic Banking Adoption: The Case of Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje
Jasmina Bucevska      Abstract       Paper

The Matthew Effect in Adult Mortality Decline by Cause around the World
Alejandro Aguirre, Fortino Vela-Peόn      Abstract       Paper

Factors Affecting the Utilisation of Antenatal Care Services among Adolescent Pregnant Mothers (Case Study: Naguru Teenage Health Center)
Resty Nansubuga      Abstract       Paper

Impact of the Tranferts of the Migrants on the WAEMU Countries
Antoine A. Djogbenou      Abstract       Paper

CPS008 Comparative Studies of the Biplot and Multidimensional Analysis in Experimental Data

Comparative Studies of the Biplot and Multidimensional Analysis in Experimental Data
Paulo S. Oliveira, Casimiro S. Munita      Abstract       Paper

Wavelet Analysis of High Performance Liquid Chromatography Data
Jennifer H. Klapper, Stuart Barber      Abstract       Paper

Detection of Aggregative Behaviour in Binary Choice Experiments
Yves Brostaux      Abstract       Paper

Smoothing Parameter Selection and Outliers Accommodation for Smoothing Splines
Felipe Osorio      Abstract       Paper

Bioassays with Natural Mortality: Handling Overdispersion Using Random Effects
Mariana R. Urbano, John Hinde, Clarice Demétrio      Abstract       Paper

The Factor Analytic Method for Item Calibration under Item Response Theory: A Comparison Study Using Simulated Data
Sayaka Arai, Shin-ichi Mayekawa      Abstract       Paper

Nonparametric Functional Classification of Timber Species from DTG Curves. Comparison with Multivariate Classification Methods Using a New Approach for DTG Curves Discretization
Salvador Naya, Javier Tarrío-Saavedra, Mario Francisco-Fernández, Ramόn Artiaga, Jorge Lόpez-Beceiro      Abstract       Paper

Some Properties of Barnard Convex Sets and Applications to Non-Inferiority Tests
Felix Almendra-Arao      Abstract      

Statistical Properties of Symmetrized Percent Change and Percent Change Based on the Bivariate Power Normal Distribution
Takaharu Yamabe, Naoki Isogawa, Kazushi Maruo, Masashi Goto      Abstract       Paper

Biased Deconvolving Distribution Estimators
Dimitris A. Ioannides      Abstract       Paper

Mixed Effects Models in Neurolinguistics: Is There a Way beyond Univariate Analysis?
Marco Marelli, Franca Crippa      Abstract       Paper

General Stuttering Beta(p,q) Cantor-Like Random Sets
Sandra M. Aleixo, Maria de Fátima Brilhante, Dinis Pestana      Abstract       Paper

Effects of Foreign Banks Entry on Efficiency of Chinese Commercial Banks
Wei Li      Abstract       Paper

Structure and Efficiency of the WAEMU Banking Market
Christine Ernestine Alima Ndongo      Abstract       Paper

The Project “Combined Firm Data for Germany” – New Steps in Combining Business Data over Different Data Producers
Christopher Gürke, Markus Zwick      Abstract       Paper

The Effects of Premarital Cohabitation on the Timing of Family Formation in East Asia and the West
Hiroshi Kojima      Abstract       Paper

Multivariate Indices for Analysing Correlation Structure in Environmental Datasets
Maria Ragosta      Abstract       Paper

Using Meta-Analyses To Determine National Response Patterns in Fishes Exposed to Pulp and Paper Mill Effluents in Canada
Timothy J. Barrett, Kelly R. Munkittrick, Richard B. Lowell      Abstract      

Can Be Changes of Solar Radiation and Climate Associated to Landscape Drainage?
Milena Kovárová, Jan Pokorný, Dalibor Štys      Abstract       Paper

An Analogous Downscaling Methodology for Predicting Daily Mean Wind Speed and Daily Gust Wind Speed over Iberia: Applications for Extremes
Amelia García, Άlvaro Pascual, María L. Martín, Luis I. Sebastián, Francisco Valero, Miguel A. Fernández      Abstract       Paper

Information Loss under Projections from Seismic Data
Francisco J. Esquivel, Jose M. Angulo      Abstract       Paper

Steadily Decreasing Prevalence of Dementia in the Community-Dwelling Japanese Elderly during Six-Year Follow-Up
Chisako Yamamoto, Tanji Hoshi      Abstract       Paper

The Diagnostic Checking of the Lee-Carter Method
Josef Arlt, Markéta Arltová, Jindrich Klufa      Abstract       Paper

Statistics and the Humanities: News and Numbers in Journalism as a Proof of Concept
John Bailer, Richard Campbell      Abstract       Paper

Measuring Progress towards Eradication of Extreme Poverty and Hunger: Does Hunger Have a Greater Influence on Progress Than Is Currently Estimated?
Juliet N.K. Ssekandi      Abstract       Paper

The Factors Responsible for the Failure of Agricultural Policies Implemented in Cameroon
Sandrine Nguiakam      Abstract       Paper

A Catastrophic Model of Customer Brand Choice
Ryuichi Sawae, Yoshiyuki Mori, Minaru Kawamura, Hiroshi Kajimoto      Abstract      

Marker Selection by a Threshold Independent Measure Associated with Partial Area Under the ROC Curve
Eunsik Park, Wenbao Yu      Abstract       Paper

Reflecting Trends in E-Commerce in the CPI
Kyunghee Kim      Abstract       Paper

Development of Web-Based Platform for Test Analyses Based on the Item Response Theory
Tomoya Okubo, Takekatsu Hiramura, Yuichiro Wajima, Shin-ichi Mayekawa      Abstract       Paper

A Random Effects Continuation-Ratio Model for Replicated Toxicological Data
Marie-José Martinez, John Hinde      Abstract       Paper

Propensity Score Reweighted Regression in Gender Pay Gap Analysis
Philippe Van Kerm, Michela Bia      Abstract       Paper

Investigation and Thoughts about Industrial Structure Optimization and Competitiveness Enhancement
Yalun Wei      Abstract       Paper

Penalized Spline Additive Models: An application to study the wheat grain filling under different conditions
Ivana Florencia Scopetta, Cristina Cuesta      Abstract       Paper

CPS020 A Statistical Trend Model Based on a Fuzzy System

A Statistical Trend Model Based on a Fuzzy System
Norio Watanabe, Subaru Monobe      Abstract       Paper

Local Characterization of a Time Series Model Using Generalized Tukey Depth
Daniel Kosiorowski      Abstract       Paper

The Measurement of the Growth Stability
Vladimir Afanasiev      Abstract       Paper

Transfer Function Models with Time-Varying Coefficients
Clélia M.C. Toloi, Maria Sílvia A. Moura, Pedro A. Morettin      Abstract       Paper

Polyhazard Models with Dependent Causes
Luiz K. Hotta, Rodrigo Tsai      Abstract       Paper

Nonparametric Wavelet Regression with Correlated Errors
Rogério Porto, Pedro Alberto Morettin, Donald Percival, Elisete Quintaneiro Aubin      Abstract       Paper

Conditional Distributions of Incomes of Households in the Czech Republic
Ivana Malá      Abstract       Paper

Small Area Methodologies for Poverty Estimation: An Application to Italian Data
Caterina Giusti, Stefano Marchetti, Monica Pratesi, Nikos Tzavidis      Abstract       Paper

A Method to Quantitatively Assess Confidentiality and Potential Usage of Official Microdata in Japan
Shinsuke Ito, Masahiro Takano      Abstract       Paper

Report on the Development of Small Towns in Ethnic and Border Areas of Yunnan Province
Wen Yang      Abstract       Paper

Numerical Methods for Mathematical Models on Warrant Pricing
Mukhethwa M. Londani      Abstract       Paper

Measuring Core Inflation in Iran and Compare It with Total Inflation
Behzad Mahmoodi      Abstract       Paper

The Analysis of Czech Macroeconomic Time Series
Lubos Marek      Abstract       Paper

Lag Weighted Sparse Regularization for Multivariate Time Series
Heewon Park, Fumitake Sakaori      Abstract       Paper

Effect of Urbanization on Agriculture in India
Chanchal Pramanik, Ananta Sarkar      Abstract       Paper

The Czech Labour Market in the Recent Economic Crisis: Does the Foreign Ownership Matter?
Katerina Duspivova      Abstract       Paper

A Prognosis of the Human Capital of the Population of the Czech Republic
Tomas Fiala, Jitka Langhamrova      Abstract       Paper

Lingering Failure of Sanitation and Growing City Pollutions in the Urban Areas of Nigeria: An Assessment Study of Major Cities of Southwestern Nigeria
Olasimbo M. Apata, Temidayo G. Apata, Oyeniyi Ogunrewo      Abstract       Paper

Health Numeracy in General Educational Development Testing
Craig A. Molgaard, Amanda L. Golbeck      Abstract       Paper

Statistical Methods To Improve the Accuracy of Retrieving Similar Images in Histopathological Information Database
Yuichi Ishibashi, Atsuko Hara, Isao Okayasu, Koji Kurihara      Abstract       Paper

R for Undergraduate Statisticians
Teresa Gonzalez-Arteaga      Abstract       Paper

Using Clustering To Detect Possible Collusion in an MCQ Test
Mark R. Dowdeswell      Abstract      

A New Test for a Unit Root in Dynamic Heterogeneous Panel Data Models
Hiroaki Chigira, Taku Yamamoto      Abstract       Paper

Bayesian Spatial Analysis and Disease Mapping of Leishmaniasis Outbreak in Afghanistan, 2000-2010
Oyelola A. Adegboye      Abstract       Paper

Generalized Whittle Estimate for Irregulaly Spaced Data
Yasumasa Matsuda      Abstract       Paper

A Bayesian Estimation of the Number of Antarctic Blue Whales in the Austral Ocean Using Passive Acoustic Sensors
María Cruz Valsero Blanco, Rocio Prieto González, Flore Samaran, Olivier Adam      Abstract       Paper

Generalized Madogram and Pairwise Dependence of Maxima over Two Disjoint Regions of a Random Field
Cecília Fonseca, Luísa Pereira, Helena Ferreira, Ana Paula Martins      Abstract       Paper

Partitioning Uncertainty for Extremes of Model-Ensemble Climate Predictions Using Information Theory
Stan Yip      Abstract      

Zurich Gender Pay Gap: Gender-specific development of wages in the private sector
Roman Page      Abstract       Paper

The System of Xiaokang Indicators: A Framework To Measure China's Progress
Qingzhe Lv, Gang Li, Fangchuan Shi, Jianjun Liu, Kuankuan Yang      Abstract       Paper

Study on Industrial Investment Structure and Demonstration Analysis of Henan of China
Jianjun An      Abstract       Paper

Application Study on Regional Optimization Model of Nonlinear Dynamic Input Covering Output of Hebei Province
Hui Song      Abstract       Paper

Research of Urbanization Acceleration Impacts on Resources and Environment in Sichuan Province
Caimo Teng, Jianzhong Xiong      Abstract       Paper

A Research on Heavy Natural Disaster Statistics Emergency Mechanism
Jianzhong Xiong      Abstract       Paper

CPS027 Nonparametric Transfer Function Models with Localized Temporal Effect

Nonparametric Transfer Function Models with Localized Temporal Effect
John Carlo P. Daquis, Erniel B. Barrios      Abstract       Paper

Testing Hypotheses in the Birnbaum-Saunders Distribution under Type-II Censored Samples
Artur J. Lemonte, Silvia L.P. Ferrari      Abstract      

Measuring the Bullwhip Effect under a Generalized Demand Process
Marlene S. Marchena      Abstract       Paper

Implementation of Ensemble Prediction Systems Post-Processing Methods, for Electric System Management
Adriana Gogonel-Cucu, Jérôme Collet, Avner Bar-Hen      Abstract       Paper

Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Inference on Phase-Type Models
Louis J.M. Aslett, Simon P. Wilson      Abstract       Paper

Strategies To Improve the Monitor and Supervision of Survey and Census Implementations in Iran
Banafshe Najafi      Abstract       Paper

L-Moments and Their Use in Modeling the Distribution of Income and Wage
Diana Bílková      Abstract       Paper

Overall Assessment of the Quality of Administrative Data Sources
Saskia J. Ossen, Piet J. Daas, Martijn Tennekes      Abstract       Paper

On the Existence of Maximum Likelihood Estimators in Poisson-gamma HGLM and Negative Binomial Regression Model
Lucien Diégane Gning, Daniel Pierre-Loti-Viaud      Abstract       Paper

Construction of a Composite Indicator for the Assessment of Quality of Life
Alina Mariuca Ionescu      Abstract       Paper

Use of a National Home Health Care Patient Register in Producing Transition Statistics
Amanda L. Golbeck, Dianne Hansen      Abstract       Paper

Very Satisfied with Current Job
Arto J. Miettinen      Abstract       Paper

Comparative Study of Working Conditions of Children Coming from Farm Households in Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire and Mali
Kodzovi S. Abalo      Abstract       Paper

The Paradoxical Decline in Diarrhea Prevalence among Under-Five Children in the DRC. What Can We Learn from Decomposition Analysis?
Jacques B.O. Emina      Abstract       Paper

A Regression Model to Interval-Valued Variables Based on Copula Approach
Alisson de Oliveira Silva, Eufrásio de Andrade Lima Neto, Ulisses Umbelino dos Anjos      Abstract       Paper

The Rank Problems of Multi-Array Data Analysis: Approaches from Complex Analysis, Algebra, Geometry and Computations
Toshio Sakata, Toshio Sumi, Mitsuhiro Miyazaki      Abstract       Paper

Application of the Parallel Coordinate Plot for Ranking Comparison between Two Groups
Tomokazu Fujino, Yoshiro Yamamoto      Abstract       Paper

Massively Multivariate Environmetrics: Understanding the Relationship between Ecogenomics and Abiotic Parameters in Estuarine Sediment
Maree O'Sullivan, Glenn Stone, Guy C. Abell, Stanley S. Robert, Lev Bodrossy      Abstract      

Contribution to Bandwidth Matrix Choice for Multivariate Kernel Density Estimate
Ivana Horova, Kamila Vopatova, Jiri Zelinka      Abstract       Paper

Design of Polynomial Estimators Based on Covariances under Multiple Packet Dropouts
Raquel Caballero-Άguila, Aurora Hermoso-Carazo, Josefa Linares-Pérez      Abstract       Paper

A Bayesian Binary Regression Model with Exponential Power Link
Jacinto Martín, Lizbeth Naranjo, Carlos Pérez      Abstract       Paper

Kurtosis and Semi-Kurtosis for Portfolios Selection with Fuzzy Returns
Louis Aimé Fono, Jules Kamdem Sadefo, Christian Deffo Tassak      Abstract       Paper

Covariance Matrix of the Bias-Corrected Maximum Likelihood Estimator in Generalized Linear Models
Lucia P. Barroso, Gauss M. Cordeiro, Denise A. Botter, Alexsandro B. Cavalcanti      Abstract       Paper

A Comparison of Weighted Pooled Results from a Cochrane Meta-Analysis with Likelihood Ratio Functions To Determine Strength of Evidence
Ronald L. Thomas, Marwan A. Zidan      Abstract       Paper

Interval Estimation of the Cost-Effectiveness Ratio
Yuh-Ing Chen, Wen-Ming Lin      Abstract       Paper

On Diagnostics in a Skew Version of Scale Mixtures of Normal Distribution
Clécio da Silva Ferreira, Heleno Bolfarine, Victor Hugo Lachos      Abstract       Paper

Bayesian Joint Models for Longitudinal and Survival Outcomes in Oncology Trials
Laura A. Hatfield, James S. Hodges, Bradley P. Carlin      Abstract       Paper

Employment among Children and Adolescents and It's Associations with Later Substance Use and Psychological Well-Being
Ella E. Iosua, Andrew Gray, Bob Hancox, Rob McGee      Abstract      

Measuring Poverty and Income Inequality Indicators and Their Evolution over Time from Complex Survey Samples
Stefan Zins, Jan Pablo Burgard, Ralf Münnich      Abstract       Paper

Improved Short-Term Predictions of Hospital Demand by Including Meteorological Information
Bernard Baffour, Sujit Sahu, Paul Harper, John Minty      Abstract       Paper

CPS039 Estimation of District Level Poor Households in the State of Uttar Pradesh in India by Combining NSSO Survey and Census Data – An Application of Small Area Estimation

Estimation of District Level Poor Households in the State of Uttar Pradesh in India by Combining NSSO Survey and Census Data – An Application of Small Area Estimation
Hukum Chandra, Umesh C. Sud, Nicola Salvati      Abstract       Paper

A Study of Korean Business Demography
Hyun Kyung Kim      Abstract       Paper

The Study of Quality of Life Evaluation System in Hangzhou
Shedeng Huang      Abstract       Paper

A Research of the Monitoring and Assessment Indicator System for Beijing as a World City
Ping Cui, Bodong Chen      Abstract       Paper

An Analysis on Household Income and Consumption in Rural Hubei
Chuanqiang Fan, Haitao Wu, Shijun Ding      Abstract       Paper

Comparison of the Predictive Values of Multiple Binary Diagnostic Tests
José Antonio Roldán Nofuentes, Juan de Dios Luna del Castillo, Miguel Angel Montero Alonso      Abstract       Paper

On Multi-Objective Decision Modelling Approach in Multivariate Surveys
Showkat Maqbool, Nageena Nazir, Abdul Hameed Mir      Abstract       Paper

On Measure of Departure from Uniform Association Based on Concordant and Discordant Pairs in Contingency Tables
Kouji Tahata, Sadao Tomizawa      Abstract       Paper

Variable Selection for Decision Trees with Mixed Responses
Yi-Hung Gong, Yu-Shan Shih      Abstract       Paper

FDR Control in the Presence of an Unknown Correlation Structure
Roy Cerqueti, Mauro Costantini, Claudio Lupi      Abstract      

Evaluation of the Quality of the elearning Teaching of Statistic Subjects in the Virtual Andalusian Campus
Miguel Angel M.A. Montero Alonso, Jose Antonio J.A. Roldan Nofuentes, Juan de Dios J.D. Luna del Castillo      Abstract       Paper

Moving On: Migration in the Dual Relationship of Urban/Rural Development
Nancy N.G. Chin      Abstract       Paper

Identification of the Exogenous Constructs Related to Different Dimensions of Students Satisfaction with Education
Josip Arneric, Anita Talaja      Abstract       Paper

Comparative Research on Consumption Gap between Urban and Rural Residents of Hunan Province
Liguo Jiang      Abstract       Paper

Developing Official Statistics on Accidents at Work in Norway
Arne Jensen, Remy Bråthen      Abstract       Paper

The Demographic Impacts of Prolonged Famine in North Korea
Hyung-seog Kim      Abstract       Paper

Exploring the Determinants of Becoming an Economic Short-Time Worker in Europe.
Massimiliano Mascherini, Irene Mandl, Donald Storrie      Abstract       Paper

The Ways and Means of Increasing the Efficiency of the Statistical Office in Communicating with Users: INS Romania Experience
Vergil Voineaugu, Ilie Dumitrescu, Daniela Stefanescu      Abstract       Paper

Sport Satellite Account for Poland
Barbara Zofia Liberda      Abstract       Paper

The Use of International Statistical Standards
Alberto V. Ortega, Ricardo L. Rodriguez      Abstract      

Future Tertiary-Level Enrolments in Germany: Let's Calculate!
Holger Leerhoff      Abstract       Paper

CPS070 On the Usefulness of the Diebold-Mariano Test in the Selection of Prediction Models: Some Monte Carlo Evidence

On the Usefulness of the Diebold-Mariano Test in the Selection of Prediction Models: Some Monte Carlo Evidence
Mauro Costantini, Robert M. Kunst      Abstract       Paper

Generalized Logistic Models and Its Orthant Tail Dependence
Helena Ferreira, Luísa Pereira      Abstract       Paper

K Sample Cramer-von Mises Tests for Grouped Data
Zheng Sun, Michael A. Stephens      Abstract       Paper

Determinant Factors of Trade Dynamic within the West African Economic and Monetary Union: A Dynamic Panel Data Approach
Diderot Guy d'Estaing Sandjong Tomi      Abstract       Paper

Regional Analysis for Rivers Low Flow Statistics Estimation
Giuseppe Rossi, Enrica Caporali      Abstract       Paper

A Point Process Approach To Analyze Spatial Transformation Effects on Threshold Exceedances
Ana E. Madrid, José M. Angulo, Jorge Mateu      Abstract       Paper

Mathematical and Intuitive Concepts of Probability in Decisions under Uncertainty in the Context of Cancer
Julia A. Brettschneider, Wendy N.C. Yeung, James Thomas      Abstract       Paper

Regression Methods for Multiple Outcomes
Rosa Oliveira, A. Teixeira-Pinto      Abstract       Paper

Difficulties in the Implementation of the Control Chart for the Coefficient of Variation with Gamma Observations
Marta M. Ruggieri, Marta B. Quaglino, Cristina A. Barbiero, Maria I. Flury, Jose A. Pagura      Abstract       Paper

Application of Statistical Control Charts To Monitor Turbidity of Drinking Water
Nillo G. Araujo, Elisa Henning, Custodio C. Alves, Zvirtes Leandro      Abstract       Paper

One-Sided EWMA Control Chart for Monitoring High Yield Processes
Mavroudis Eleftheriou, Nikolaos Farmakis      Abstract       Paper

On Improving the Quality of Quarterly GDP in Japan
Naoto Kunitomo, Siesho Sato      Abstract       Paper

Consequence of Climate Change on Nigerian Agriculture: An Empirical Analysis
Temidayo G. Apata, Adio O. Folayan, Kolawole F. Odunlami, Francis A. Ofere      Abstract       Paper

Drawing Statistical Inferences from International Census Data
Lara L. Cleveland, Michael Davern, Steven Ruggles      Abstract       Paper

Data Matching Methods for the 2011 UK Census
Mark Baillie, Paula McLeod, Amy Large, Shelly Gammon, Owen Abbott      Abstract      

Identifying Family Interrelationships in the World's Largest Census Microdata Collection
Matthew Sobek, Sheela Kennedy      Abstract       Paper

A Comparison of Probabilistic Record Linkage Techniques in the Institute of Statistics of Andalusia
Rafael Pino Mejías, María Dolores Cubiles de la Vega, Elisa I. Caballero Ruiz, Francisco J. García González      Abstract       Paper

Exploration and Practice of Sampling Survey of Agricultural Statistics of Jiangsu China
Liang Du      Abstract       Paper

A Study on the Modern Information Technology Application in the Survey
Shengan Lian, Guangyu Zhang, Dexi Li      Abstract       Paper

The Application of Dural-System Estimation in Population Census
Weizhong Zou      Abstract       Paper

China: Population Census in Transition Period
Changsong Liu      Abstract      

Measuring Uncertainty in the Population Estimates for Local Government Areas in England and Wales
Ruth Fulton      Abstract       Paper

Water and Development in the Palestinian Territory
Zahran N.G.H. Khaleef      Abstract       Paper

Spatial Analysis of Access to Safe Water in Egypt
Eman Ahmed Orieby      Abstract       Paper

Constructed Wetlands Efficiency in Removing Pollutants and Organic Matter
María Valsero Hijosa, M. Cruz Blanco Valsero, Ricardo Martínez Sidrach-Cardona, Javier Villacorta Martín, Josep M. Bayona, Eloy Bécares      Abstract       Paper

Increasing Water Availability, Quality and Quantity through Public Expenditure. An Experience from the Public Service Delivery in Uganda
Galiwango Samuel      Abstract       Paper

Comparing Quantitative and Qualitative Measurements of Water Quality by Using Geographic Information Systems
Rina Camporese      Abstract       Paper

Multivariate Benchmark Dose Method for Monitoring Groundwater Quality
Hidenori Ito, Todd Saunders, Junya Miyamoto, Toshio Makie, Tsuyoshi Nakamura      Abstract       Paper

The Issue of Access to Clean Water in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Nziki François Kabemba      Abstract       Paper

A Study on the Test of the Number of Principal Components Using Measurements of Similarity between Matrices
SeongKeon Lee, SoYoung Kim, EunSeok Kim      Abstract       Paper

Kernel Type Plug-In Estimators of Functions of Multidimensional Density Functionals and Their Derivatives
Anna V. Kitaeva, Gennady M. Koshkin      Abstract       Paper

Pattern Recognition of Multivariate Time Series Using Wavelet Features
Elizabeth A. Maharaj, Pierpaolo D'Urso      Abstract       Paper

Association Rule Based Characterization of Collective Text Data
Ken Nittono      Abstract       Paper

Modeling Filtrate Processes in Pre-Treatment Experiments for Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants
Kozo Nakamura, Junya Miyamoto, Todd Saunders, Tsuyoshi Nakamura      Abstract       Paper

Sparse Parameter Estimation Approach To Change Point Detection
Jirí Neubauer, Vítezslav Veselý      Abstract       Paper

Inference for Latent Variable Models with Many Hyperparameters
Ji Won Yoon, Simon P. Wilson      Abstract       Paper

Dating, Detecting and Forecasting Financial Crises in the EU Candidate Countries
Vesna Bucevska      Abstract       Paper

Realized Volatility Models for Electricity Markets
Luigi Grossi, Giorgio Gozzi, Angelica Gianfreda      Abstract       Paper

Threshold Vector ARMA Forecasts under General Loss Functions
Marcella Niglio      Abstract       Paper

Modeling of Variables Presenting Long Memory and Nonlinearity
Evrard J. Badji, Abdou K. Diongue      Abstract       Paper

Forecast of the Total Carried Freights and Analysis of the Impact of Rural Exodus on the Level of Activities: Case of the Port of San Pedro
Moïse K. Kanga      Abstract       Paper

Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting with Seasonal Vector Auto-Regressive Moving Average Model
Tiep Khac Mai      Abstract       Paper

A Forecasting Model for Photovoltaic Module Energy Production
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Forecasting Performance and M-Competition. Does the Accuracy Measure Matter?
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Functional Autoregressive Time Series with Dependence on Derivatives
José C.S. de Miranda      Abstract       Paper