Keynote and Invited Sessions

IPS001: President's Invited Papers

Communicating Risk and Uncertainty
David Spiegelhalter      Abstract       Video

Fostering the Statistical Development of African Countries: Potential Role of the International Statistical Institute
Dimitri Sanga      Abstract       Paper       Video

IPS002: Energy Markets

Modelling Electricity Spot and Forward Prices by Ambit Fields
Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen, Fred E. Benth, Almut E.D. Veraart      Abstract       Paper      

A Comparison of Reduced-Form Permit Price Models and Their Empirical Performances
Georg Gruell, Luca Taschini      Abstract       Paper      

IPS003: Statistical approach to turbulence

Ambit Fields and Turbulence
Juergen Schmiegel, Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen, Emil Hedevang      Abstract       Paper      

Towards Turbulent Turbulence Modeling
Emil Hedevang      Abstract      

Applications of Ambit Fields
Fred E. Benth, Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen, Almut Veraart      Abstract       Paper      

IPS004: Likelihood Methods in Finance

Asymptotic Theory of Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Diffusion Model
Joon Y. Park      Abstract      

A Quasi-Maximum Likelihood Method for Estimating the Parameters of Multivariate Diffusions
Stan Hurn, Kenneth Lindsay, Andrew McClelland      Abstract      

Density Approximations for Multivariate Affine Jump-Diffusion Processes
Damir Filipovic, Eberhard Mayerhofer, Paul Schneider      Abstract      

IPS005: Estimation under long-range dependence

Asymptotic Properties of U-Processes under Long-Range Dependence and Applications
Celine Levy-Leduc, Murad S. Taqqu, Eric Moulines, Helene Boistard, Valderio A. Reisen      Abstract       Paper      

Nonstationary Models with Long Memory
François Roueff      Abstract       Paper      

Detrended Fluctuation Analysis and Wavelet Hurst Exponent Error
Michael A. Cohen, Can O. Tan, J. Andrew Taylor      Abstract      

IPS006: Statistics in Neuroscience

A Bayesian Spatial Model for Brain Activation and Functional Connectivity
DuBois Bowman      Abstract      

Applications and Extensions of Granger Causality in Neuroimaging: Inferences on Information Flow over the Brain
Joao R. Sato      Abstract       Paper      

A Spatio-Temporal Analysis for Detecting Neural Activation in the Imaging Data
Fumikazu Miwakeichi, Yoshitaka Oku, Yasumasa Okada, Shigeharu Kawai, Yoshiyasu Tamura, Makio Ishiguro      Abstract       Paper      

IPS007: Inference for Stochastic Processes

Statistical Inference for Integrated Diffusion Processes
Michael Sørensen      Abstract       Paper      

Numerical Aspects of Simulation and Inference for Stochastic Differential Equations: A Review
Stefano M. Iacus      Abstract      

On Quasi-Likelihood Analyses for Stochastic Differential Equations with Jumps
Hiroki Masuda      Abstract       Paper      

IPS008: Forecasting using massive amount of data

Seasonal Unit Root Tests in Long Periodicity Cases
David A. Dickey      Abstract       Paper      

Dynamic Forecasting of Bus Arrivals to Stations
Carlos M. Hernandez-Suarez      Abstract       Paper      

Harmonization of Economic Cycles: Methods of Statistic Research and Econometric Modeling
Elena Zarova      Abstract       Paper      

IPS009: Panel discussion: New challenges in Mathematical Statistics

Panel Discussion: Future Directions and New Challenges in Mathematical Statistics
Peter McCullagh, Rosemary Bailey, Xiao-li Meng, Joan del Castillo, Elvira DiNardo      Abstract      

Panel member
Xiao-li Meng       Video

Panel member
Rosemary Bailey       Video

Panel member
Elvira DiNardo       Video

Panel member
Joan del Castillo       Video

Discussant & Chair
Peter McCullagh       Video

IPS010: Models for financial markets with transactions costs

Asymptotic Arbitrage in Large Financial Markets with Friction
Emmanuel Denis, Lavinia Ostafe      Abstract      

Asymptotics and Duality in Portfolio Optimization with Transaction Costs
Stefan Gerhold, Johannes Muhle-Karbe, Walter Schachermayer      Abstract       Paper      

Multivariate Utility Maximization with Random Endowment under Proportional Transaction Costs
Luciano Campi      Abstract      

IPS011: Stereology, Image analysis

Flowers and Wedges for Stereology
Luis M. Cruz-Orive      Abstract      

The Semi-Automatic Nucleator
Linda V. Hansen, Jens R. Nyengaard, Johnnie B. Andersen, Eva B.V. Jensen      Abstract      

Tensorial Minkowski Functionals of Anisotropic Spatial Structures
Klaus Mecke, Gerd Schroeder-Turk      Abstract      

IPS012: Population genetics

Improving Common Population Genetic Estimators by Using Shrinkage
Andreas Futschik      Abstract       Paper      

The Infinitely Many Genes Model for Diversity in Bacterial Genomes
Franz Baumdicker      Abstract       Paper      

Rate of Adaptation under Weak Selection
Feng Yu      Abstract       Paper      

IPS013: Random Evolution of Populations

Historical Processes and Their Diffusion Limits for Modeling Populations with Past Dependence
Sylvie Méléard, Viet Chi Tran      Abstract       Paper      

Neutrality, Epistasis & Evolvability: What Can Random Networks Tell Us about Molecular Evolution?
Todd L. Parsons      Abstract      

Mutation and Selection in Age-Structured Populations
David Steinsaltz, Steve N. Evans, Ken Wachter      Abstract       Paper      

IPS014: Improving International Comparisons of Prices and Sizes of Economies

Within-Country Price Variations: Evidence from ICP and CPI Data
Yuri Dikhanov, Eileen P. Capilit      Abstract       Paper      

Increasing the Efficiency of Price Survey Frameworks in the ICP
Frederic A. Vogel      Abstract       Paper      

Data Access and Archiving Policy and Principles for the International Comparison Program
Dennis J. Trewin      Abstract       Paper      

Improving the Quality of GDP Expenditure Estimates under the ICP
Paul J. McCarthy, Michel Mouyelo-Katoula      Abstract      

IPS015: Reflections on the Past, Present and Future of Statistics

Evdokia Xekalaki       Video

The Evolution of the Field of Statistics
Donald B. Rubin      Abstract       Video

Prolegomena to the Theory and Practice of Data Analysis
Peter J. Huber      Abstract       Paper       Video

Current Challenges in the Theory of Statistics
David Cox      Abstract       Video

Steve Stigler       Video

Discussion       Video

IPS016: Implementation of FAO modular approach to Integrated Agricultural Census/Survey Programme: Lessons learned, issues and challenges

Implementation of the Modular Approach of the World Programme of Census of Agriculture 2010 Review of the implementation of WCA2010 in countries: successes, issues, challenges
Naman Keita, Hiek Som      Abstract       Paper      

Implementation of the Modular Approach of the World Programme of Census of Agriculture 2010 in Mozambique Issues, challenges and innovative features of the Second Census of Agriculture and Livestock
Camilo Amade      Abstract       Paper      

Implementation of World Census of Agriculture FAO Programme 2010 in Latin American Countries: Innovations, Issues, Challenges
Miguel A. Galmes      Abstract       Paper      

IPS017: Risk communication to a lay audience reflecting uncertainty and variability issues

Use and Application of the G-and-H Distribution in the Financial Risk Management
Kabir Dutta      Abstract      

Risk Assessment
Edward L. Melnick      Abstract      

Communicating Health Risk Uncertainty: Myths and Fallacies
Cindy Jardine, S. Michelle Driedger, Lisa Given      Abstract      

IPS018: Statistical risk assessment in trustworthy computing

Stopping Rules in Security Testing Using a Combined Logistic-MESAT (Compound Poisson) Approach
Susan J. Simmons, Mehmet Sahinoglu, James Matis      Abstract       Paper      

Multivariate Statistical Inference on the 3-State Availability of Repairable Sytems Using the Sahinoglu-Libby Probability Model
Mehmet Sahinoglu, YangLin Yuan, Sedat Capar      Abstract       Paper      

A Quantitative Security and Privacy Risk Assessment and Management Method for Social Networks

IPS019: Adversarial risk analysis in counterterrorism

Adversarial Games
David Banks      Abstract      

Adversaral Risk Analysis: The Somali Pirates Case
Jesus Rios, David Rios Insua, Juan Carlos Sevillano      Abstract      

Probabilistic Aspects of Exploration Risk
Nozer D. Singpurwalla      Abstract      

IPS020: Stochastic modelling in systems biology

Modelling Prion Dynamics in Yeast
Martin S. Ridout, Vasileios Giagos, Byron J.T. Morgan, Wesley R. Naeimi, Mick F. Tuite      Abstract       Paper      

Bayesian Inference for Markov Processes with Application to Biochemical Network Dynamics
Darren J. Wilkinson      Abstract      

Identifiability of Aggregated Markov Models of Single Ion Channels
Frank G. Ball      Abstract       Paper      

IPS021: Statistics of extremes in today's world

Computational Validation of an Adaptative Choice of Optimal Sample Fractions
Frederico Caeiro, M. Ivette Gomes      Abstract       Paper      

Trends and Change Points in the Tail Behavior of a Heavy Tailed Distribution
Goedele Dierckx, Jef Teugels      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical Modeling of Spatial Extremes
Mathieu Ribatet, Anthony C. Davison, Simone A. Padoan      Abstract      

IPS022: Integrating biological knowledge in gene expression data analysis

Shrinkage Covariance Estimation Incorporating Prior Biological Knowledge (SHIP) with Applications to High-Dimensional Data
Vincent Guillemot, Monika Jelizarow, Arthur Tenenhaus, Anne-Laure Boulesteix      Abstract       Paper      

Assessing the Role of Multi-Protein Complexes in Determining Phenotype
Nolwenn Le Meur, Robert Gentleman      Abstract       Paper      

Dissecting Variability in High-Dimensional Genomic Data
Jeff Leek      Abstract      

IPS023: Algebraic Statistics

Betti Numbers, Models and Experimental Designs
Henry P. Wynn, Hugo Maruri-Aguillar, Eduardo Saenz de Cabezon      Abstract       Paper      

Testing Algebraic Hypotheses
Mathias Drton      Abstract      

Monte Carlo Sampling and Algebra
Ian H. Dinwoodie      Abstract      

Sampling Contingency Tables Using Markov Moves Based on Linear Programming
Lawrence H. Cox      Abstract       Paper      

IPS024: Causal inference from observational studies

External Validity and Transportability: A Formal Approach
Judea Pearl, Elias Bareinboim      Abstract       Paper      

The G-Formula for Causal Inference
Miguel Hernan      Abstract      

Estimation of Direct Effects for Survival Data Using the Aalen Additive Hazards Model
Stijn Vansteelandt      Abstract      

IPS025: Women's role in fighting poverty and the informal economy

Gender Differences in Employment in the Informal Economy
Ralf Hussmanns      Abstract       Paper      

Challenges of Measuring Women Involvement Informal Economy in Adverse Conditions
Luay A. Shabaneh      Abstract       Paper      

The Role of the Informal Economy in Helping Women Fight Poverty
Yandiswa Mpetsheni      Abstract      

IPS026: Astrostatistics: Statistical challenges for the new data-intensive astronomy

Extra-Solar Planet Detection Via Bayesian Fusion MCMC Modeling
Philip C. Gregory      Abstract      

Recent Advances in Bayesian Inference in Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics Thanks to the Multinest Algorithm
Roberto Trotta, Farhan Feroz, Mike P. Hobson, Roberto Ruiz de Austri      Abstract       Paper      

Benjamin D. Wandelt      Abstract      

IPS027: Is there economic order within the natural system, and if yes how can we use it to measure and manage poverty?

Nature's Economic and Financial Order, and the Natural Solution of Poverty
Helmut Maier      Abstract       Paper      

Fundamental Law of Information and Its Impact on Quality of Statistics in Information Society and Knowledge-Based Economy
Jozef Olenski      Abstract       Paper      

IPS028: Statistical analysis of non-linear water systems

Geophysical and Spatial Statistical Approaches to Understanding Recent Complex Changes in Greenland Glaciers at Centimeter to Ice-sheet-Wide Scales
Ute C. Herzfeld      Abstract      

Statistical Outliers or Extremes, Dragon-Kings or Dragon-Fools?
Daniel Schertzer      Abstract      

Global Space-Time Cascades and Multifractals in Precipitation: Basic Issues and Empirical Status
Shaun Lovejoy, Julien Pinel, Daniel Schertzer      Abstract       Paper      

IPS029: Social problems, official statistics and social science

The Modernisation of European Social Statistics
Inna Steinbuka      Abstract       Paper      

Re-Engineering Dutch Social Surveys: From Single-Purpose Surveys to an Integrated Design
Wim van Nunspeet, Paul van der Laan      Abstract       Paper      

Developing Attitudinal Indicators of Societal Wellbeing
Roger Jowell, Eric Harrison, Elissa Sibley      Abstract      

European Social and Labour Market Index: Enhancing the Labour Market Policy Debate by Making Use of Official Statistics
Austrian Chamber of Labour, Austrian Institute of Economic Research, Grete Epler, Eva Rueckert      Abstract       Paper      

IPS030: Research on the use of registers in producing statistics

Topics of Statistical Theory for Register-Based Statistics
Li-Chun Zhang      Abstract       Paper      

Estimation of the Validity of Administrative Variables
Bart F.M. Bakker      Abstract       Paper      

The Impact of the Quality of Administrative Sources on Differents Phases of Statistical Process
Metka Zaletel, Rudi Seljak, Tatjana Novak      Abstract       Paper      

IPS031: Recession and Recovery – measuring the impact and situation in cities, neighbouring areas and regions within countries

European Metropolises: Recession and Recovery
Asta Manninen      Abstract       Paper      

Comparison of Regional Economy Development in China
Xiaolin Pang, Xiaolong Chen, Bingjie An      Abstract       Paper      

European Metro Regions: Explaining the Growing and Shrinking Productivity Gaps between the Capital and the Other Metro Regions
Lewis W. Dijkstra, Lewis Dijkstra, Lewis Dijkstra, Lewis Dijkstra, Lewis Dijkstra      Abstract      

IPS032: Using the Internet as a Data Collection Mode

Web Panels and Population Statistics
Arie Kapteyn, Bas Weerman      Abstract      

Keeping Up Appearances: Maintaining Standards during Strategic Changes in Electronic Reporting
Emma Farrell, Kettie Hewett      Abstract       Paper      

Issues, Challenges and Experiences of the Internet as a Data Collection Mode at the U.S. Census Bureau
Amy E. Anderson, Jennifer Guarino Tancreto      Abstract       Paper      

IPS033: The use of paradata in response analysis, response monitoring and responsive design

Optimal Scheduling of Contact Attempts in Mixed-Mode Surveys
Melania Calinescu, Sandjai Bhulai      Abstract       Paper      

LOE Paradata Quality and Its Effect on Nonresponse Adjustments Using Callback Models
Paul P. Biemer, Patrick Chen, Kevin Wang      Abstract       Paper      

Using Paradata and Responsive Design To Manage Survey Nonresponse
James Wagner, Mick P. Couper      Abstract       Paper      

Interviewer Effects on the Process Leading to Cooperation or Refusal Using Interviewer Call Record Data
Gabriele B. Durrant, Julia D'Arrigo      Abstract      

IPS034: Legal, ethical and privacy issues arising out of increasing use of linked administrative files

A Canadian Perspective on the Use of Administrative Information for Statistical Purposes
Philip Giles      Abstract       Paper      

Decision on Using More Administrative Data: Problems and Challenges Faced by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics
Zelia M. Bianchini, Sidnéia R. Cardoso      Abstract       Paper      

Statistics New Zealand's Experience of Data Integration – A Policy and Legislative Perspective
Andrew D. Hunter, Vince C. Galvin      Abstract       Paper      

IPS035: Setting priorities for a statistics service across government

Inspiring Statistics
Jason Bradbury      Abstract       Paper      

Integrating Statistical and Administrative Records – The Current Challenge of Coordination of Statistical Systems
Eduardo P. Nunes, Wasmalia Bivar, Zelia Bianchini      Abstract       Paper      

From the Expression of Social Needs to the Drawing of a Programme for Official Statistics
Jean-Pierre Le Gléau      Abstract       Paper      

IPS036: Autonomous Statistical Agencies: Lessons learnt and new challenges

Autonomy of a National Statistical Agency: The Ugandan Model
Ben Kiregyera      Abstract       Paper      

Building Trust in Official Statistics – A Shared Responsibility
Denise Lievesley      Abstract      

NSO's autonomy: The Mexican experience
Eduardo Sojo, Gerardo Leyva      Abstract       Paper      

IPS037: Fundamental challenges for international official statistics

Challenges for Official Statisticians
Brian Pink      Abstract      

Same, Same … but Different. Challenges to Statistics as a Basis for Longitudinal and Cross-Cultural Comparisons
Ann R. Saetnan      Abstract      

A Comprehensive Balance Sheet Structure To Show Intergenerational Imbalances
Robert Gilhooly, Matthew Corder, Martin Weale      Abstract      

IPS038: Measuring well-being

Moving from a GDP-Based to a Well-being-Based Metric of Economic Performance and Social Progress in OECD Countries, 1980-2009: Results from the Index of Economic Well-Being
Andrew Sharpe      Abstract       Paper      

Innovations in the Measurement of Human Development: Tools for Assessing Achievements and Gaps in the Enlargement of People's Choices
Jeni Klugman, Milorad Kovacevic      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring Wellbeing in Theory and Practice
David Gruen, Shane Johnson, Stephanie Gorecki      Abstract       Paper      

IPS040: Estimating and visualising high dimensional cluster structure

Discovering Clustering Structure in High-Dimensional Metabolomic Data
Isobel Claire Gormley      Abstract      

Using Self-Tuning Diffusion Maps To Reduce Dimensionality and Find Clustering Structure
Rebecca Nugent, David Friedenberg      Abstract       Paper      

Comparing Different Clustering Models on the Unit Hypercube
Nema Dean, Rebecca Nugent      Abstract       Paper      

IPS041: Analysis of Insurance Risk Models with Dependence

Applications of Time-Series Models To Ruin Theory with Dependent Classes of Business
Kam P. Wat, Wai K. Li, Kam C. Yuen      Abstract       Paper      

A Copula Approach To Test Asymmetric Information with Applications to Predictive Modeling
Emiliano A. Valdez, Peng Shi      Abstract      

Predicting Multivariate Two-Part Health Outcomes
Edward W. Frees, Xiaoli Jin, Xiao (Joyce) Lin      Abstract      

Ruin Theory with Dependent Risks
Hansjoerg Albrecher      Abstract      

IPS042: New generations and algorithms of principal component analysis

On Generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis
Michel van de Velden      Abstract       Paper      

A Fixed Factor Analysis Procedure as an Extension of Principal Component Analysis
Kohei Adachi      Abstract       Paper      

Principal Components Based on a Subset of Qualitative Variables and Its Accelerated Computational Algorithm
Masahiro Kuroda, Masaya Iizuka, Yuichi Mori, Michio Sakakihara      Abstract       Paper      

Exploratory Multilevel Redundancy Analysis
Yoshio Takane, Lixing Zhou      Abstract       Paper      

IPS043: Statistical Shape and Functional Data Analysis

How New Shape Analysis and Directional Statistics Are Advancing Modern Life-Sciences
Kanti V. Mardia      Abstract       Paper      

Focusing on Structural Asumptions in Regression on Functional Variable
Laurent Delsol      Abstract       Paper      

Factor Models and Variable Selection in High Dimensional Regression Analysis
Alois Kneip, Pascal Sarda      Abstract      

IPS044: Fast computation for Bayesian inference

Fast Bayesian Estimation in Sparse Contingency Tables
Jonathan J. Forster      Abstract      

Fast Approximate Inference with INLA: The Past, the Present and the Future
Daniel Simpson, Finn Lindgren, Håvard Rue      Abstract       Paper      

Inference for Discrete Latent Time Series Processes
Arnab Bhattacharya, Simon Wilson      Abstract       Paper      

IPS045: Detection of Structural Changes of statistical models with applications in hydrology

Estimation of Multiple Changepoints in Climatic Time Series
QiQi Lu, Robert B. Lund, Thomas C.M. Lee      Abstract       Paper      

Change Point Detection in the Carbon Cycle: Methodologies and Applications
Claudie Beaulieu      Abstract      

Detection of Changes in Mean of Vectors with Application to Hydrology
Daniela Jaruskova      Abstract      

IPS046: Array methods for efficient smoothing of space-time data on grids.

An Introduction to Generalized Linear Array Models
Iain D. Currie      Abstract       Paper      

Flexible Spatio-Temporal Smoothing with Array Methods
Dae-Jin Lee      Abstract       Paper      

Seasonal Models for Life Tables
Paul H.C. Eilers      Abstract      

Generalized Array Models as Mixed Models
Maria Durban      Abstract       Paper      

IPS047: Applying results of statistics education research to teaching statistics.

Research and Recent Developments in Probability Education: An Interactive and Electronic Approach
Ramesh Kapadia, Manfred Borovcnik      Abstract       Paper      

A Research-Based Statistics Course for Tertiary Students
Jiyoon Park, Robert delMas, Andrew Zieffler, Joan Garfield      Abstract       Paper      

Exploring Student Understanding of Significance in Randomization-Based Courses
John P. Holcomb, Allan Rossman, Beth Chance      Abstract       Paper      

IPS47 – Applying Results of Statistics Education Research to Teaching Statistics in Irish Primary Schools
Finbarr C. Sloane, Aisling M. Leavy      Abstract      

IPS048: Teaching Courses in Probability Modelling

Re-Connecting Probability and Reasoning about Data in Secondary School Teaching
Dave Pratt      Abstract       Paper      

Applied Probability at the Sophomore Level: An Opportunity and a Challenge
Matthew A. Carlton      Abstract       Paper      

Probability Models for Beginners
Adrian W. Bowman      Abstract       Paper      

Probability Learning for Statistics and the Real World
Helen L. MacGillivray      Abstract      

IPS049: Integrating qualitative research methods in introductory statistics courses: reflections and directions

In Search of the 5 Biggest Qualitative-Methods Messages for Statistics
Chris Wild      Abstract      

Integrating Qualitative Research Approaches in Traditional Introductory Statistics Courses: Pros and Cons
Irena Ograjenšek, Iddo Gal      Abstract       Paper      

IPS050: Opportunities and pitfalls of e-learning, virtual learning environments and open education resources

Designing and Evaluating an E-Learning Environment for Supporting Students' Problem-Oriented Use of Statistical Tool Software
Rolf Biehler, Tobias Hofmann      Abstract       Paper       Video

Virtual Environment Support of Statistical Literacy at Basic Education
Irene Cazorla, Verônica Yumi Kataoka, Claudia Borim da Silva, Hugo Hernandez      Abstract       Paper       Video

Collaborative Development of a Virtual Environment To Support Learning in Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis
Michael Bulmer      Abstract       Paper       Video

Bestsellers in the Business Statistics Classroom
Michelle Sisto      Abstract      

Floor Discussion       Video

IPS051: Enhancing statistics education through international cooperation and the use of international data (joint with IAOS)

Statistical Literacy, Globalisation, and the Internet
Jim Ridgway, Sean McCusker, James Nicholson      Abstract       Paper      

Integrated Content for Statistical Literacy and User Engagement
Alan Smith      Abstract       Paper      

Visualisation and Social Media as Educational Tools of National Statistical offices, Examples and Best Practices
Minna M. Korhonen      Abstract       Paper      

IPS052: Teaching sampling techniques in agriculture, biology and social sciences

Teaching Inference for Capture-Recapture Data: Populations, Samples, Probabilities, Parameters and Models
Kenneth P. Burnham      Abstract      

Some ideas on teaching capture{recapture techniques in epidemiologyand the social sciences
Maarten Cruyff, Peter G.M. van der Heijden, Dankmar Böhning      Abstract       Paper      

On Applying Area and Multiple Frame Sampling Methods in a Wide Range of Baseline Agricultural and Rural Survey Programmes
?lvaro González Villalobos, William H. Wigton      Abstract       Paper      

IPS054: Complex analysis for longitudinal data

Adjusting for Measurement Error and Misclassification in Longitudinal Multilevel Models
Maria Eugénia Ferrão      Abstract       Paper      

The Manifest Association Structure of Structural Equation Models for Longitudinal Data: Insights from Partial Correlations
Peter W.F. Smith, Maria de Fátima Salgueiro      Abstract      

The Analysis of Longitudinal Survey Data under Complex Sampling – A Review
Gad Nathan      Abstract      

IPS055: Inference for linked data

Regression Analysis for Longitudinally Linked Data
Gunky Kim, Ray Chambers      Abstract       Paper      

Using Administrative Data To Enhance Policy Relevant Analysis: Experience from the ADMIN Research Centre
James J. Brown, Lorraine Dearden      Abstract      

New Bootstrap Bias Corrections with Application to Estimation of Prediction MSE in Small Area Estimation
Solange Correa      Abstract      

IPS056: Estimation & inference in complex survey sampling

Log Linear Modeling with Complex Survey Data
Chris Skinner      Abstract       Paper      

Resampling and Estimation of Variance Components
Mary E. Thompson, Zilin Wang      Abstract       Paper      

Variance Estimation of Inequality Indexes Via Different Methods in Complex Sampling Design
Erika Antal, Matti Langel, Yves Tillé, Yves Tillé, Yves Tillé      Abstract       Paper      

IPS057: Data mining & machine learning in statistics organisations

Use of Machine Learning for Automated Survey Coding
Frederic R. Clarke, Steven Brooker      Abstract      

Data-Driven System Level Mapping for Strategic Decision Support
Fionn Murtagh      Abstract      

Machine Learning and Record Linkage
William E. Winkler      Abstract       Paper      

IPS059: Record linking and imputation in administrative data

Study of Record Linkage Software for the 2010 Brazilian Census Post Enumeration Survey
Andrea Diniz da Silva, Otavio Santana Martins Romeo, Thaigo Silva Soares, Vinicius Layter Xavier      Abstract       Paper      

A Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Record Linkage and Population Size Estimation
Andrea Tancredi      Abstract      

Multiple Record Linkage: Generalizing the Fellegi-Sunter Approach to K > 2 Datafiles
Mauricio Sadinle, Rob Hall, Stephen E. Fienberg      Abstract       Paper      

IPS060: Applying and measuring confidentiality methods

A Method for Confidentialising User-Defined Tables: Statistical Properties and a Risk-Utility Analysis
Jennifer K. Marley, Victoria L. Leaver      Abstract       Paper      

Disclosure Control by Computer Scientists: An Overview and an Application of Microaggregation to Mobility Data Anonymization
Josep Domingo-Ferrer, Michal Sramka      Abstract       Paper      

Verification Servers: Enabling Analysts To Assess the Quality of Inferences from Public Use Microdata
Alan F. Karr, Anna Oganian, Jerome P. Reiter      Abstract       Paper      

IPS061: New approaches for agricultural statistics

Drowning in Data, Coming up Dry: Making Connections for Meaningful Water Policy Analysis
Roger Claassen, Mary Bohman      Abstract       Paper      

Agricultural Statistics: A Case Apart?
Flavio Bolliger      Abstract       Paper      

How To Measure the Water Usage in Agriculture
Eva Laczka      Abstract      

Water Quality and Quantity and Their Implication on Future Agricultural Productivity in South Africa
Moses B. Mnyaka      Abstract       Paper      

IPS062: Small area estimation for complex surveys

Robust Small Area Estimation
Julie Gershunskaya, Partha Lahiri      Abstract       Paper      

An Application of Bayesian Small Area Estimation for Circular Data
Jean Opsomer, Jay Breidt, Daniel Hernandez-Stumpfhauser      Abstract       Paper      

Design Consistent Small Area Estimators Based on M-quantile Regression
Enrico Fabrizi, Monica Pratesi, Nicola Salvati, Nikos Tzavidis      Abstract       Paper      

IPS063: Managing the effects of changing measurement technologies on environmental longitudinal surveys.

Fishnets, Stocks, and Time: A Bayesian Perspective on Modeling and Sampling Issues That Arise When Evaluating Sockeye Salmon Migration Patterns
Carolyn Huston, Steven Thompson, Carl Schwarz      Abstract      

Broad Scale Monitoring of Land Cover Change Using Remotely Sensed Data – Some Issues and Challenges
Peter A. Caccetta, Norm A. Campbell, Simon Collings, Suzanne L. Furby, Xiaoliang Wu      Abstract      

Wavelet-based Multiresolution Analysis of Water Temperatures
Ross Darnell, Don Percival      Abstract      

IPS064: Census strategies

Censuses in a Register-Based Statistical System: Norwegian Experiences
Espen Andersen, Harald Utne      Abstract       Paper      

Conducting Censuses under Challenging Situations, Crisis and Post Conflict
Rogelio E. Fernandez-Castilla      Abstract       Paper       Video

Beyond 2011 – Future Population Statistics for the UK
Frank Nolan      Abstract       Paper       Video

IPS065: Current Developments in Healthcare Engineering

The Challenges of Measuring Health Care Quality
Jaap Van den Heuvel, Ronald J.M.M. Does      Abstract      

Process Management in Healthcare (An Improvement Journey with Lean Six Sigma)
Albert Trip      Abstract       Paper      

Measurement for Improvement in Healthcare
Shirley Y. Coleman      Abstract      

IPS066: Boundary crossing probabilities and their applications

Sensitivity Problems for Boundary Crossing
Konstantin Borovkov, Andrew N. Downes, Alexander Novikov      Abstract      

Linear and Non-Linear Boundary Crossing Probabilities for Brownian Motion and Their Applications to Predicting the Bankruptcy of Manufacture Companies
James C. Fu      Abstract       Paper      

Estimating Boundary Crossing Probabilities by Control Variables
Klaus Poetzelberger      Abstract       Paper      

IPS067: New Applications of System Signatures in Reliability

Network Reliability: A Fresh Look at Some Basic Questions
Francisco J. Samaniego      Abstract      

Mixture Representations Based on Signatures for Coherent Systems with Heterogeneous Components
Jorge Navarro, Francisco J. Samaniego, Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan      Abstract      

Stochastic Comparison of Multiple Systems
Myles Hollander, Francisco J. Samaniego      Abstract      

Coherent Systems with Shared Components and Joint Signature
Jorge Navarro, Francisco Samaniego, Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan      Abstract      

IPS068: Statistical Perspectives to Social Network Analysis

Probabilistic Models of Growth of Networks
Vladimir Batagelj, Nataša Kejzar      Abstract       Paper      

The Impact of Non-Response Treatments on the Stability of Blockmodels
Anja Znidarsic, Anuska Ferligoj, Patrick Doreian      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical Models for Dynamics of Social Networks: Inference and Applications
Tom A.B. Snijders      Abstract       Paper      

IPS069: Sequential aspects in computer experiments

Sequential Search Based on Kriging: Convergence Analysis of Some Algorithms
Emmanuel Vazquez, Julien Bect      Abstract       Paper      

A Discussion of Fully Adaptive Design for Computer Experiments
Henry P. Wynn, Noha Youssef      Abstract       Paper      

IPS071: Understanding water resources and quality through analysis of massive data sets

Design and Analysis of Genomic Studies for Understanding Adaptability of Daphnia to Water Environments
Karen Kafadar, Guilherme V. Rocha, John Colbourne      Abstract      

QA/QC of Measurements Collected on Very Large Scale Rainfall and Stream Flow Data Sets
Ross Sparks      Abstract       Paper      

Analysis of Massive Microarray Data for Understanding Effects of Water Environments to Beetle Tissues
Guilherme V. Rocha, Karen Kafadar, Justen Andrews      Abstract      

IPS072: Space-time modeling

High Resolution Bayesian Space-Time Modelling for Ozone Concentration Levels
Sujit K. Sahu      Abstract      

Modeling Misaligned Spatio-Temporal Data
Alexandra M. Schmidt, Alexandre S. Silva, Paulo J. Ribeiro Jr.      Abstract      

A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Joint 3D Ocean Properties Reconstructions
Ricardo Lemos, Bruno Sanso      Abstract      

Bayesian Models for Multicategory Spatial Data
Candace Berrett, Catherine Calder      Abstract      

IPS073: Statistical downscaling

Regional Climate Modeling: The Technique, Possibilities and Limitations
Markku Rummukainen      Abstract      

A Statistical Analysis of Regional Climate Models: Connecting Physics to Model Output
Steve Sain      Abstract      

Climate Change and Precipitation Extremes in Regional Climate Models
Hayley J. Fowler, Marie Ekstrom, Stephen Blenkinsop, Elisabeth Kendon, Mari Jones      Abstract      

IPS074: Sensor networks

Wireless Sensor Networks and the Statistical Sciences
Peter J. Toscas      Abstract       Paper      

Distributed and Sequential Detection of Many Interacting Change Points
Long Nguyen      Abstract      

Spatial Sampling Design and Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhengyuan Zhu      Abstract      

IPS075: Endocrine disruptors in the environment

An Integrative Approach for Assessing and Comparing Contaminant Accumulation through Aquatic Food Webs
Karen Kidd, Katrine Borga, Derek Muir, David Powell      Abstract      

The Role of Statistics in the Development of National Fish Monitoring Programs for Endocrine Disruption in Canada
Kelly R. Munkittrick, Tim J. Barrett      Abstract      

Environmetrical Approach To Analyze Endocrine Disruptors in the Environment and Human Body
Kristina Voigt, Rainer Bruggemann, Hagen Scherb, Karl-Werner Schramm      Abstract       Paper      

Effects of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment
Joanne Parrott, Mark McMaster, Gerald Tetreault      Abstract      

IPS076: Fuzzy data and statistics

Statistics with Fuzzy Data by Using Random Fuzzy Sets
Maria A. Gil      Abstract       Paper      

Hurst Exponents for Non-Precise Data
Mayer Alvo, François Theberge      Abstract       Paper      

Fuzzy Data and Imprecise Probabilities in Engineering
Michael Beer      Abstract       Paper      

IPS077: Environmental epidemiology

An Extended Conditional Autoregressive Model for Bayesian Disease Mapping
Duncan Lee, Richard Mitchell      Abstract       Paper      

A Bayesian Model of Time Activity Data To Investigate Health Effect of Air Pollution in Epidemiological Studies
Marta Blangiardo, Sylvia Richardson      Abstract       Paper      

A Bayesian Model for Cluster Detection
Jonathan C. Wakefield, Albert Y. Kim      Abstract      

IPS078: Environmental sampling

Performance of 'Gamma-Shaped' Detection Functions in Aerial-Line Transect Surveys of Large Terrestrial Mammals
Joel H. Reynolds, Anna-Marie Benson      Abstract      

IPS079: Indicators and their role in environmental accounting

Weights as Importance in Composite Indicators
Andrea Saltelli, Michaela Saisana, Paolo Paruolo      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical Considerations in the Development of Environmental Indices: The Example of the Canadian Water Quality Index
Sylvia R. Esterby, Abdel H. El-Shaarawi      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical Issues in the Creation of Environmental Indicators
Daniela Cocchi      Abstract      

IPS080: Plenary opening to Water Theme Day

Managing Water Resources in a Changing World under Conditions of Risk and Uncertainty
Olcay Ünver      Abstract      

Water Security in a Changing World
Howard Wheater      Abstract      

Water for Food: Statistical Structure and Prediction of the Global Virtual Water Trade Network
Carole Dalin, Megan Konar, Samir Suweis, Andrea Rinaldo, Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe      Abstract      

IPS081: Vulnerability of Water Resources to Climate Variability

Spatial and Temporal Bias Correction of Regional Climate Model Output for the Assessment of Hydrological Consequences of Climate Change
Andras Bardossy, Geoffrey Pegram      Abstract      

Detection of Climate Change and Climate Variability Signals in Colombia and the Amazon River Basin through Empirical Mode Decomposition
Alejandra M. Carmona, Germán Poveda      Abstract       Paper      

Shall We Care about Optimal Statistical Decision Theory When Designing a Flood Protection Dike under Climate Variability?
Jacques Bernier, Eric Parent, Merlin Keller, Kouloud Ghorbel      Abstract      

IPS082: Three different water issues in Venezuela

Monitoring Variables at the Outlet of a Clarified Water Loop through Multivariate Extension of Real Process Capability Index
Maura L. Vasquez, Teodoro R. Garcia, Guillermo Ramirez, Jose R. Garcia, Carlos M. Martinez, Alberto Camardiel      Abstract       Paper      

Water Characteristics for Human Consumption and Its Relations with Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases
Richard Mora, Lisbeth Manganiello, Cristobal Vega, Maria L. Vega, Samar Mouhtar, Nancy Mendoza      Abstract       Paper      

Forecasting Venezuelan Caroni River Flow through Support Vector Machines
Cesar O. Seijas, Sergio Villazana, Jorge Guevara, Edilberto Guevara      Abstract       Paper      

IPS083: Statistical methods for the physical and biological structure of the European Seas

Evaluation Tools of Phytoplankton Biodiversity
Cristina Mazziotti, Margherita Benzi, Francesca Bruno, Fedele Greco, Daniela Cocchi, Claudio Silvestri      Abstract      

Satellite Measurements Based Chlorophyll-a Trends Estimation in European Seas
Giovanni Coppini, Nadia Pinardi, Vladyslav Lyubartsev, Rosalia Santoleri, Simone Colella      Abstract      

Sampling and Monitoring in Ireland According to European Union Water Based Directives
Glenn Nolan, Shane O'Boyle      Abstract      

IPS084: Surveys of Aquatic Resources: Statistical Issues

Trend Evaluation Using a Rotating Panel Design and Multiple Imputation
Don L. Stevens      Abstract      

Cetacean Abundance Estimation: Novel Applications of Distance Sampling, Mark-Recapture and Survival Analysis Methods
David L. Borchers      Abstract      

Dealing with the Pseudo-Replication Problem in Longitudinal Data from Posidonia Oceanica Surveys: Modeling Dependence vs. Subsampling
Gianfranco Lovison, Mariangela Sciandra      Abstract      

IPS085: Statistical Modelling and Analysis of Lake Ice Formation and Its Environmental and Economic Impact

Ice Cover of Eurasian Lake and Inland Seas from Satellite and In Situ Observations
Alexei V. Kouraev, Mikhail N. Shimaraev, Frederique Remy, Nelly M. Mognard, Peter I. Bukharizin, Mikhail A. Naumenko, Andrey Yu Ivanov      Abstract      

Regime Shift Analysis of Lake Baikal Ice Phenology Data
Kimihiro Noguchi, Yulia R. Gel, Claude R. Duguay      Abstract      

Bootstrap Nonparametric Test for Trends in the Presence of ARCH/GARCH Effects
Bei Chen, Yulia R. Gel, Bovas Abraham, Abdel H. El-Shaarawi      Abstract      

IPS086: Approaches to Estimate the Burden of Waterborne Disease

The True Efficacy of a Water Quality Intervention: Accounting for Systematic Bias
Joseph N.S. Eisenberg, Kyle Enger, Kara Nelson      Abstract      

Issues in the Estimation of Disease Burden Associated with Waterborne Disease
Paul R. Hunter      Abstract      

IPS087: What is in your water?

Statistical Models for Developing U.S. National Limitations on Water Pollution Discharges by Industry
Marla Smith, David A. Marker, John Rogers, Robert Clickner      Abstract      

Monitoring of Impingement of Fish at Power Plant Cooling Water Intakes on the Ohio River
Douglas A. Dixon, Timothy W. Lohner, Elgin S. Perry      Abstract      

Laboratory and Field Evaluations of Wedgewire Screens for Protecting Early Life Stages of Fish at Cooling Water Intake Structures
Stephen V. Amaral, Douglas A. Dixon, Elgin S. Perry      Abstract      

Water Quality Control in the Portuguese North Rivers
Ines Sousa      Abstract      

IPS089: Hydrological Processes

Mixtures of Experts for Prediction and Understanding Model Discrepancy in Dynamic Computer Models
David Nott, Lucy Marshall, Mark Fielding, Shie-Yui Liong      Abstract      

Statistical Methods for Understanding Hydrologic Change
Chiara Bocci, Enrica Caporali, Alessandra Petrucci      Abstract       Paper      

Challenges in the Interpretation of River Water Quality Time Series
Per Stålnacke, Eva Skarbøvik      Abstract      

IPS090: Modelling and Monitoring Water Quality of Large Lakes and River Basins

A Numerical Study of Accounting for Structural Error and Uncertainty in Environmental Models
Zhulu Lin, Bruce M. Beck, Gang Shen      Abstract       Paper      

Ecological Effects of Long-Term Warming in the World's Largest Lake – Lake Baikal, Siberia
Stephanie E. Hampton, Marianne V. Moore, Lyubov R. Izemst'eva, Stephen L. Katz      Abstract       Paper      

Trend and Seasonal Analysis of Dissolved Inorganic Nutrients in the Elkhorn Slough National Stuary
Lelys Guenni, Bruno Sans?, Marc Los Huertos      Abstract      

Methods To Address Systematic Errors in Hydrology and Water Quality Modeling
Peter Reichert      Abstract      

Joint Deterministic and Stochastic Modelling of Amazonian Discharges
Sílvia R.C. Lopes, T.S. Prass, R. Clarke, W. Collischonn      Abstract       Paper      

IPS091: Filling the gaps: Improving coverage, data quality, and institutional arrangements for water statistics

Global Water Quality Data and Statistics for Inland Waters – The UNEP GEMS/Water Programme
Richard D. Robarts, Kelly M. Hodgson, Yvonne Stokker      Abstract      

Managing Reporting, Assessment and Dissemination of Data on Quality Status and Emissions for Europe's Waters – The WISE Context
Bo N. Jacobsen      Abstract       Paper      

Water Statistics – Data Compilation on River Basin Level
Miloslava Veselá      Abstract       Paper      

Freshwater Supply and Demand in Canada: Statistics and Accounts
François Soulard      Abstract       Paper      

IPS093: Making every drop count: Experiences with water accounts

Eurostat's Activities in the Domain of Water Accounts
Stephan Moll      Abstract      

Towards Harmonisation and Standardisation: SEEA-Water
Peter Harper      Abstract      

Development and Application of SEEAW in China
Hong Gan      Abstract      

IPS094: Water statistics, policy and integrated water resource management

Information for Water Policies in Mexico
Ricardo Pizzuto      Abstract      

EU Water Policy and Related Data Needs
Jacques Delsalle      Abstract      

Which Indicators for Whose Policies? Some Challenges of Global Water Monitoring
Mike Muller      Abstract       Paper      

Living with Water: Not without Water Statistics
Kees Baas, Cor Graveland      Abstract       Paper      

IPS095: Modern multivariate statistics in hydrological frequency analysis

A General Probability Distribution for Hydrologic Frequency Analysis
Vijay P. Singh      Abstract      

Investigation of Unusual Hydrological Events Defined on Different Spatial and Temporal Scales
Andras Bardossy      Abstract      

A Copula-Based Multivariate Frequency Analysis for Hydrological Applications
Sander Vandenberghe, Niko E.C. Verhoest, Bernard De Baets      Abstract      

Multivariate Regional Flood Frequency Analysis
Taha Ouarda, Fateh Chebana      Abstract      

Statistical Diagnostic Tests for Multivariate/MultiSite Hyrological Time Series
Ian McLeod, Esam Mahdi      Abstract      

IPS096: Model natural resources with uncertainty

Estimating the Net Primary Production of Chinese Forest Ecosystem with Spatial Statistical Methods
Tonglin Zhang      Abstract      

Insights into Co-Limitation of Aquatic Consumers
Alexander Wacker      Abstract      

Understanding the Water Crisis in Northern China: What Government and Farmers Are Doing
Jinxia Wang, Jikun Huang      Abstract      

Measuring the Adoption of Conservation Practices by U.S. Farmers in the Upper and Lower Chesapeake Bay Watersheds
Christina S. Messer, Julia Klapproth      Abstract       Paper      

Imputing Potential Productivity of Pacific Northwest Forests over Space and Time
Temesgen Hailemariam, Greg Latta, Tara Barrett, Darius Adams      Abstract      

IPS097: Water - extremes

Floods and Streamflow Droughts in Europe under Climate Change
Rutger Dankers, Luc Feyen      Abstract       Paper      

Spatial Hierarchical Models for Extremes: Modeling Both Climate and Weather Effects
Daniel S. Cooley, Mathieu Ribatet      Abstract       Paper      

Multivariate Extreme Value theory in Flood Mapping
Caroline Keef, David Kearney, Philip Emonson, Duncan S. Faulkner      Abstract       Paper      

IPS098: Modeling waves and sea surface dynamics

Modeling Lagrange Sea Waves by Laplace Moving Averages
Krzysztof Podgorski      Abstract      

Modelling Sea Surface Dynamics
Anastassia Baxevani      Abstract      

Estimation of Return Values for Significant Wave Height from Satellite Data
Igor Rychlik      Abstract      

IPS099: Diffussed Water Pollution Sources: Modeling and Control

Development of Exposure-Response Relationships between Indicators of Water Quality and Swimming-Associated Illness
Timothy J. Wade, Alfred P. Dufour, Larry Wymer      Abstract      

Applications and Some Theory for a Nonparametric Approach Based on a Markov-Like Property for Classification with Water Applications
Clifford Spiegelman, EunSug Park, Jeongyoun Ahn      Abstract      

Collapsing Ordered Categories for Detecting the Emergence of toxic Chemical in Fresh Water by Using Dose-Response Curves
Takashi Yanagawa, Yoshiko Aoyama      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical Challenges in Monitoring and Modeling Agricultural Diffuse Pollutions
Hao Zhang      Abstract      

IPS100: Copula-based advances in hydrologic engineering

Multivariate Return Periods and Hazard Measures: The Copula Approach
Gianfausto Salvadori, Fabrizio Durante      Abstract      

Detection of Change-Points in Dependence Structures
Anne-Catherine Favre, Jean-François Quessy, Mériem Saïd, Maryse Champagne      Abstract       Paper      

Copula-Based Downscaling of Rainfall
Martinus J. van den Berg, Bernard De Baets, Niko E.C. Verhoest      Abstract      

IPS101: Stochastic modeling for water-related environmental problems

Comparison of Spatial Methods for the Assessment of Shape and Size of Planktonic Patches
Carlos Diaz      Abstract      

Spatial Modelling in a Marine Environment When Sampling with Unknown Inclusion Probabilities
Janine B. Illian, David L. Borchers      Abstract      

A Kernel Indicator Variogram and Its Application to Groundwater Pollution Data
Raquel Menezes, Pilar Garcia-Soidán      Abstract       Paper      

IPS102: Spatial Analysis of Waterborne Toxins: Statistical Issues and Challenges

Flexible Spatio-Temporal Models for the Analysis of River Network Water Quality Data: Recent Development and a Case Study
Olivier Thas, Lieven Clement      Abstract      

A Moving Average Approach for Spatial Statistical Models of Stream Networks
Jay M. Ver Hoef      Abstract      

IPS103: Water supply and demand development in China: building an innovative country

Water Resource Development and Regional Innovation Capacity of China
Xu Qin, Jiebiao Wang      Abstract       Paper      

The Dynamic Change of Water Resource Utilization in China with the Influence factors Analysis – Evidence from Input Output Tables 2002 and 2007
Yun Yan Zhao, Lin Chen      Abstract      

Water Resource Development and National Innovation Competitiveness – Evidence from Countries' Comparison
Yilin Wu, Yao Wei      Abstract       Paper      

IPS104: The Economic and Social Impact of the Water Problem in China

Water Resource Accounting and Statistical Analysis of Water Use in Beijing
Yachun Gao, Minxue Gao, Xiaozhen Wei, Ping Yan      Abstract       Paper      

Analysis on the Effect of China's Urban Household Water Pricing: On the Perspective of Public Finance
Zhong Ma, Dunhu Chang      Abstract       Paper      

Water Resource Utilization and the Agricultural Economy Development in Rural China
Yin Lin, Hao Chen      Abstract       Paper      

Empirical Research on Utilization and Protection of Water Resources in China
Yanyun Zhao, Qian Guo      Abstract       Paper      

IPS105: Statistical Challenges in Trend Detection and Quality Assessments for Water Resources

Delivering Evidence of Performance and Effect for the Water Environment
Marian Scott, Campbell Gemmell      Abstract      

Ensuring We Know When the Glass Is Half Full: Some Statistical Challenges in Water Resources in Australia
Brent Henderson      Abstract      

Generalized Least Squares Regression Applied to Emerging Trend Detection in Streamflow and 21st Century Streamflow Projections in the Northern Rocky Mountains under Greenhouse Forcing Scenarios
Jeannine-Marie St. Jacques, Yang Zhao, Suzan L. Lapp, Elaine M. Barrow, David J. Sauchyn      Abstract      

Statistical Modeling of Intermittent Zero Flow Streams in Canadian Prairie Provinces
Melody Ghahramani, Charmaine B. Dean, Paul Whitfield, Hua Zheng      Abstract      

IPS106: Fisheries Modelling

Prior Probability Distributions for Demographic Variables, Application to Tunas
Maximilien Simon, Jean-Marc Fromentin, Sylvain Bonhommeau, Daniel Gaertner, Marie-Pierre Etienne      Abstract      

A Shared Component Hierarchical Model To Represent How Fish Assemblages Vary as a Function of River Temperatures and Flow Regimes. Application to Three Groupings of Juveniles in the Upper River Rhone during the 1980-2005 Period
Jeremy Piffady, Eric Parent      Abstract      

Accounting for Interspecific Competition and Empty Hooks When Building Relative Abundance Indices from Longline Catch
Marie-Pierre Etienne, Shannon Obradovich, Lynne Yamanaka, Murdoch McAllister      Abstract      

IPS107: Teaching and education amongst the youth

Teaching and Education Amongst the Youth
Delia North      Abstract      

IPS108: Careers for Youth

Career Opportunities for Statisticians in the World of Business Analytics
Robert N. Rodriguez      Abstract      

Actuarial Career for Statistics Graduates
F.K. Louis Ng      Abstract       Paper      

Statistical Challenge for Geophysical Sciences
Hee-Seok Oh      Abstract      

IPS109: ISI: where are all the young people?

ISI: Where Are All the Young People?
Claire Gormley      Abstract      

IPS110: Measuring global external imbalances

Using External Balance Sheets To Identify Macro-Economic Imbalances in the Euro Area
Mary M. Everett      Abstract       Paper      

The U.S. Net Income Puzzle
Stephanie E. Curcuru, Stephanie E. Curcuru, Charles P. Thomas,      Abstract       Paper      

Analysing Worldwide Asymmetries on Cross-Border Investments: The Euro Area in Prespective
Rodrigo Oliveira-Soares      Abstract       Paper      

Real or Mock Surplus? Uncertainties in Measuring Goods and Current Account Balance
Péter Bánhegyi      Abstract       Paper      

Ultimate Controlling Parent Versus Immediate Investor: The Italian Experience
Valeria Pellegrini, Silvia Sabatini      Abstract       Paper      

IPS111: Challenges in improving the measurement of the government financial position and in the classification of units as public or private

Treatment of Special Bank Interventions in Irish Government Statistics
Mary Cussen, Mick Lucey      Abstract       Paper      

Differences in the Design of Rescue Units and Its Impact on Government Finance Data
Albert Braakmann, Thomas Forster      Abstract      

Financial Pressures from Indebtedness of Mexican's States: Potential Risks for the Mexican Economy
Andre Martinez Fritscher, Carolina Rodriguez Zamora, Manuel Sanchez Valadez      Abstract       Paper      

Spanish Economy Sectorisation Database
John Orowetz      Abstract       Paper      

The Balance Sheet Approach and the Public Debt Stock Analysis: The Case of Lebanon
Sana A. Souaid      Abstract       Paper      

Measuring Government's Contingent Positions in Japan's Flow of Funds Accounts: Implications for GFSM
Satoru Hagino, Chihiro Sakuraba      Abstract       Paper      

IPS112: Integration of financial and balance sheet accounts (incl. Flow of funds integrated with the real economy)

Integrated Compilation of Financial and Non Financial Accounts: Chilean Experience
Josué Pérez, Claudia Henríquez      Abstract       Paper      

New Developments in the Euro Area Accounts
Celestino Giron-Pastor, Andreas Hertkorn, Tjeerd Jellema, Gabriel Quiros, Nuno Silva      Abstract       Paper      

An Integrated Analysis of the Portuguese Economy: The Financial and the Real Economy
Filipa Lima, Olga Monteiro      Abstract       Paper      

Comparing MFI Balance Sheet Data with Supervisory Data: Are Statistical Revaluations Data Relevant To Gauge Information on Banks' Gain/Losses?
Antonio Colangelo, Marco Burroni      Abstract       Paper      

The Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts for the United States
Susan Hume McIntosh      Abstract       Paper      

IPS113: Revision of financial accounts in conformity with the SNA2008.

Issues in Implementing SNA2008: Looking for the Data
Paula Menezes, Sílvia Fonte Santa, Filipa Lima      Abstract       Paper      

New Financial Sector Delineation in SNA 2008: How To Compile and How To Analyse – First Assessment for Austria
Michael Andreasch      Abstract       Paper      

Pension Fund Measurement in a Contribution Pension Scheme. The Chilean Experience
Carmen Gloria Escobar, Ana Luz Bobadilla, Antonio Escand?n, René Luengo      Abstract       Paper      

Implementation of SNA 2008 in Japan's Flow of Funds Accounts
Satoru Hagino, Takeshi Sakuramoto      Abstract       Paper      

IPS114: The Diversity of Biometry

Formulating Mixed Models for Experiments, Including Longitudinal Experiments
Chris Brien, Clarice G.B. Demétrio      Abstract      

Statistical Modelling for Real-Time Spatial Surveillance and Forecasting
Peter J. Diggle, Barry S. Rowlingson      Abstract      

Agri-Environmental Informatics: The Contribution of Statistical Science and Statisticians
Bronwyn D. Harch      Abstract      

IPS115: Recent Advances in Time Series

Approximations and Expansions for Locally Stationary Processes
Rainer Dahlhaus      Abstract      

Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test for Nonstationary Time Series
Zhou Zhou      Abstract      

Time-Threshold Decompositions for Time Series Data
Piotr Fryzlewicz      Abstract      

IPS116: Read Paper Meeting

Vignettes and Health Systems Responsiveness in Cross-Country Comparative Analyses
Nigel Rice, Silvana Robone, Peter C. Smith      Abstract       Paper      

IPS117: Understanding Complex Data

A Second Opinion: An Expert System for Data Analysis
Leland Wilkinson      Abstract      

RnavGraph: A Visualization Tool for Navigating through High-Dimensional Data Spaces
Adrian Waddell, Wayne Oldford      Abstract       Paper      

Approaches to Text Mining that Preserve Semantic Content
Yasmin H. Said      Abstract      

IPS118: Role of Statisticians in Policy

The Role of Statisticians in Policy
Peter Guttorp, Dennis Trewin, Denise Lievesley, Steve Pierson, Bronwyn Harch      Abstract       Video

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Dennis Trewin       Video

Panel member
Denise Lievesley       Video

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Steve Pierson       Video

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Bronwyn Harch       Video

Panel Discussion
panel and floor discussion       Video

Floor Discussion
floor discussion - Daniella Cocchi       Video

Floor Discussion
floor discussion - incl Steve Pierson       Video

IPS119: Trust, Risk and Uncertainty

Let Me Get Back to You on That – Error Cost, Uncertainty and the Management of Extreme Events
Denis Fischbacher-Smith, Moira Fischbacher-Smith      Abstract      

Building Trust in Climate Science: Data Products for the 21st Century
Richard Chandler, Peter Thorne, Jay Lawrimore, Peter Stott, Kate Willett      Abstract      

Trustworthy Statistics – Avoiding Deadly Sins, Statistical Lacunae and Public Misunderstanding
Sheila M. Bird      Abstract       Paper      

IPS120: Contributions to Statistics and Probability: David Blackwell, Erich Lehmann and John Nelder

In Memoriam: David H. Blackwell
David R. Brillinger      Abstract      

John Ashworth Nelder: 1924-2010
Rosemary Bailey      Abstract      

Hodges-Lehmann Inverse Likelihood Estimators
Kjell Doksum      Abstract      

IPS121: Contributions to Statistics and Probability: Hirotogu Akaike, Julian Besag and Jagadish Srivastava

Contributions of Professor Hirotugu Akaike: Statistical Modelling of Complex Systems
Genshiro Kitagawa      Abstract      

Julian Besag FRS, 1945-2010
Peter Green      Abstract      

Multivariate Analysis, Design of Experiments, and Survey Sampling-Contributions of Jagdish N. Srivastava in Statistical Planning and Inference
Subir Ghosh      Abstract      

IPS122: Maximising the Potential of Administrative Data for Public Policy Needs

Public Administration Analytics in Action: Identifying factors to help predict employment of individuals over time
Mary Lee Rhodes      Abstract       Paper      

Exploiting administrative data to investigate where those leaving jobs get re-employed
John Dunne      Abstract       Paper      

Results of a Project on Record Linkage, Statistical Matching and Micro Integration: The ESSnet on Data Integration
Mauro Scanu      Abstract       Paper      

Developing Quality Indicators for Business Statistics Involving Administrative Data: Work of the ESSnet on Administrative Data
John-Mark Frost      Abstract       Paper      

IPS123: Social Networks and Social Media Analysis

The Challenge of Privacy Protection for Statistical Network Data
Stephen E. Fienberg      Abstract      

Fast Inference for Model Based Clustering Of networks Using an Approximate Case Control Likelihood
Adrian E. Raftery      Abstract      

Clustering-by-Role: Modelling Ego Networks as mixtures of ERGMs
Michael Salter-Townshend      Abstract      

IPS124: Social Networks and Social Media Analysis

The Statistical Service in 20 Years Time
Richard Laux, Richard Alldritt      Abstract       Paper      

Building a Better Linkage between Statistics and Policy
Choi Yeonok      Abstract       Paper      

Official Statistics between User Requirements and Feasibility: The European Statistical System Facing Shortage of Resources
Margit Epler      Abstract      

Can Official Statistics Deliver in Times of Rapid Change: Risks and Prospects
Pali Jobo Lehohla      Abstract      

Changes of Chinese Official Statistics and Main Data Performance Since 2000
Zude Xian      Abstract       Paper