Trust in Statistics in the Netherlands
Peter N.J. Spannenburg, Gosse van der Veen, Carina M. Fransen
Statistics Netherlands, Den Haag, Netherlands

the development of trust in statistics is related to a large amount of time, a specific law, a sound political environment and tranparency of the statistical institution.

Keywords: institutional trust; statistical law

Biography: Gosse van der Veen, born in 1958, was appointed as Director General of Statistics Netherlands on 1 January 2004. He graduated with honours from the University of Groningen where he studied macro-economics.

Before joining Statistics Netherlands, he worked at the Ministry of Housing and Environment (1983-1989). Between 1989 and 1995 he was Head-director and Inspector of Public Housing in the Province of Friesland and later Inspector for the North of The Netherlands. In 1995 he was appointed Secretary General and Head of the public administration of the Province of Friesland.

Throughout his career Gosse van der Veen has managed major organisational changes and was responsible for (economic) policymaking. In his present job he has chaired, the European board “Partnership Group” in which European Statistical Agenda is prepaired. Nowdays he is chair of the UNECE/HLG-BAS High level group on Business Architecture Statistics and Co-chair of the European Sponsorship Group on Standardisation.