Adapting to Recent Change in It Environments in Communicating Statistics
Inho Park, Hyuk C. Kwon
Economic Statistics, The Bank of Korea, Seoul, Republic of Korea

The Bank of Korea has operated Economic Statistics System (ECOS in abbreviation) in an additional website for delivering economic statistics on the main sectors of the Korean economy. The system covers financial economic statistics, national account statistics and various business and consumer survey statistics. This system was designed to provide statistics to policy makers and the public timely and conveniently by strengthening many useful functions such as statistic search, fluctuation rate calculation, chart drawing and data retrieval. Such conveniences are mainly implemented based on access to Internet Explorer (IE) coupled with installing into the user's browser so-called “Active-X” plug-in reusable software components. Due to recent growth of non-IE browser markets and of security issues associated with the “Active-X” components, however, the Bank of Korea is currently migrated into a new system that would be allowing any browser and be more under web-standards. In the presentation, we discuss our migration effort to state-of-art browser-free access with additional capability on mobile data access for, such as, “smart-phone” users.

Keywords: Active-X components; Web-standards; Mobile data access

Biography: Dr. Park is statistician at the Bank of Korea and is currently in charge of sample survey design, weighting and R&D.