Collecting Micro Data from MFIs for Frequent User Demands
Kimmo Koskinen
Financial Stability and Statistics, Bank of Finland, Helsinki, Finland

In July 2010 Bank of Finland started to collect data from MFIs, for different purposes, with a single data collection survey. The survey covers required data for the following: ECB's and national balance sheet and interest rate statistics, Statistics Finland's outstanding credit statistics, balance of payments and financial accounts statistics, and the Bank for International Settlement's (BIS) banking statistics (Locational data). Because the data is collected at very disaggregated level (including security-by-security data collection) it can be used extremely well for ad-hoc data needs. The format also enables the possibility to add in new attributes/data requirements quite flexibly, if necessary.

Keywords: Micro data; MFIs; Statistics

Biography: I have worked in the Bank of Finland since 2005. My current responsibilities in the Financial Stability and Statistics department are ECBs balanche sheets and interest rate statistics and BIS banking statistics.