R at the Introductory Level
Peter Dalgaard
Center for Statistics, Department of Finance, Copenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg, Denmark

R has come into widespread use at the research level of statistics, as well as for practical data analysis by experienced professionals. However, R also has great potential for teaching and data analysis at less advanced levels. This Special Topics Session provides a selection of talks which either introduce R to people with prior background in other statistical systems, use R in the introduction of specific statistical areas, or use specific features of R to demonstrate key statistical concepts.

In my talk, I will highlight some general themes from all the talks, and discuss some of my own experiences from the biostatistics and business school worlds.

Keywords: R; Statistical software

Biography: Peter Dalgaard was recently appointed full professor at Copenhagen Business School. Prior to this, he was for many years employed as associate professor at the University of Copenhagen. He has been a member of the R Core Team since its formation in 1997 and is the author of “Introductory Statistics with R”.