Implementing Standard Quality Indicators of MERCOSUR at the NSI of Uruguay
Lucía Pérez
Quality Management Unit, National Statistical Institute of Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay

The National Statistical Institutes (NSI) produce statistics that are used by the government to make up policies of socioeconomic development and other users to make decisions based on NSI's statistics, due to this it is necessary that these include indicators that express the quality of statistics.

For this reason, since some years ago the NSI of Uruguay seeks to generate quality indicators for the continual improvement, to offer more transparency to users as well as to making of decisions by the responsible of these statistical operations.

Likewise, the use of a Standard Quality Report has been implemented to evaluate the quality of the statistical operations which are being performed therein. The quality indicators of this Report were built based on a combination of the key questions of the DESAP questionnaire and quantitative indicators of the document “Standard Quality Indicators” from Eurostat.

On the other hand, in the framework of the project “Cooperation in Statistics CE-MERCOSUR II” the workgroup “Total Quality in Statistics” has elaborated a Minimum Set of Standard Quality Indicators to be applied in the MERCOSUR's NSIs (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) to harmonize quality measurement of statistical operations.

However, it is important to emphasize that these Quality indicators are key pieces of the metadata of the statistical operations and therefore they are published on the official website using software which provides a structured format (international standards DDI and Dublin Core). Thus, it is enabling the users to do historical queries.

The NSI of Uruguay has implemented the Minimum Set of Standard Quality Indicators above-mentioned, in several of its statistical operations and a number of difficulties have being found. All these difficulties, their causes and possible solutions are being deeply analyzed in this paper.

Keywords: Quality indicators; Quality report; Metadata

Biography: Lucía Pérez, 31 years old, is a student in Food engineering and she was graduated as a Quality Management technician from LSQA-Quality Austria in 2006. She has a lot of experience in Quality systems management in several branches of industry. Currently is employed as a Quality technician at the National Statistical Institute of Uruguay. She has being working in the implementation of a quality management system at several Divisions of the NSI of Uruguay.