Real Time Remote Access at Statistics Canada: Development, Challenges and Issues
Michelle Simard
Household Survey Methods Division, Statistics Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Like many national statistical organizations, Statistics Canada (StatCan) is facing increasing national and international demands from researchers for access to detailed microdata. StatCan has recently put in place a new service that will improve access while at the same time protecting the confidentiality of the various data sets. The Real Time Remote Access (RTRA) system is an on-line remote access facility that allows users to create tables, more or less in real time, using microdata or lightly masked microdata sets kept in a central and secure location. There are many challenges in the development of an on-line remote access tool, particularly regarding how to maintain confidentiality knowing the various output products released with their different disclosure rules. The presentation will provide an overview of the development and processes of the RTRA, the challenges of creating another mode of access in a tight budget environment and the methodological options for disclosure control.

Keywords: Remote access; Disclosure control methods; Microdata file

Biography: MIchelle Simard is a chief methodologist in the Household Survey Methods Division at Statistics Canada. She has been involved with automating tabulation tool since 2003. She is currently the methodologist leading the methodology team for the development of the RTRA at Statistics Canada.