Thailand Experience in Multi-Modal Data Capturing for Population and Housing Census 2010
Malee Wongsaroje
National Statistical Office Thailand, Lak-si, Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand's first Population Census was conducted in 1909. Since 1960, NSO has carried out Population Census every 10 years. The latest Population and Housing Census was conducted in April 2000, where Intelligent Characters Recognition (ICR) technology was first implemented for data capturing. The Population and housing census 2010 is a 100th anniversary for the census of Thailand. Multi-modal data collections are implemented in order to provide more alternatives for citizens to participate in the Population and Housing Census 2011. Firstly, traditional face to face interview is a key method for data collection during the census period in September 2010. Secondly, an enumerator can drop a special questionnaire with requesting message to send it back to the office by post, in case of absent respondent. Both face-to-face and dropped questionnaires are further processed using ICR system. Scanning process is carried out at 75 statistical provincial offices and drop-form images are transferred to the Head-Quarter for further verify and editing. Thirdly, an internet self-interview is newly introduced for the first time. Although the internet data collection is a convenience method (7x24 available) to access and fill-out the questionnaire, some respondents complained that some questions are difficult to answer and too many details. Lastly, telephone interviewing data collection is also implemented for the first time. Telephone Interview Center (TIC) is accessed through the government hot-line 1111 press 6. The report of TIC shown that, less than half of the calls intended to get interview. Results of the last two methods are less than we expected. During the census period, field-work progress was monitored through a web-based tracking system, which can be accessed by authorized staff both from head quarter and provincial offices.

Keywords: Data collection in population and housing census 2010, Thailand; Data capturing in population and housing census 2010; Multi-Modal data collection in population and housing census 2010; Data collection methods in population census 2010

Biography: Ms. Malee WONGSAROJE. Currently position is the Director of Information and Communication Technology Center, National Statistical Office, Thailand. Having background in Statistics and Informatics and have been working with the NSO Thailand for more than 25 years.