Quality of Internet-Based Statistics: Comparative Study on Media Use Measurement
Yong Chan Jung
Division of Reviews and Directives, Korea Information Society Development Institute (KISDI), Kwachun, Gyunggi-Do, Korea

In this presentation, I will concern the quality of internet-based statistics in the area of media use measurement. Media diary is simple and useful method to measure the time use of media. But memory-based approach will be weakened the accuracy. Web-log analysis is a meaningful method that analyze a log file from a personal computer of user. Through the log file we can derive indicators about when, where and how users visit web-site. Web-log analysis is a alternative method in the area of measuring the internet media consume.

In this study, I focus on the caracteristics of media diary method and web-log analysis in measuring various media consumption. And I also would like to explore the comparative study on characteristic differences between web-log data and media diary method in the view of accuracy, relevance, convenience, coherence, and efficiency. The result is to help establish audience policy and provide statistics for audience, supporting policymakers, the business, the academia, and the R&D circle.

Keywords: Internet-based statistics; Media use measurement; Web-log analysis; Media diary

Biography: Dr. Jung is a Research Fellow at Korea Information Society Development Institute (KISDI). His main research area is related to Census of Broadcasting Industry, Audience Behavior Analysis, Audit for TV Rating, comparative study on East Asia (China and Japan) Audience Survey, and Broadcasting Statistical Information System.

Before joining KISDI, he worked for Research Center of Korean Broadcasting Commission (KBC) as a Research Fellow. And he served as a director of Data and Information Consulting Group Co., Ltd.(DNI Consulting) and as a senior reaearcher at Korea Institute for Defense Analysis (KIDA).

He earned a bachelor's degree in statistics and economics from Korea University. and a ph. D degree with applied statistics from Korea University in 1996.