Tools for Communicating on New Challenges in Official Statistics: Examples from Bulgaria
Mariana Kotzeva
National Statical Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria

Recently official statistics across the globe has been facing new challenges related to the better measurement of social progress, well-being and sustainability. Consequently a shift from traditional dissemination to a more active communication of statistical information has been observed. The paper presents set of examples on new tools for communicating and dissemination of official statistics such as social media, focused websites, visualization and GIS systems. Good practices differentiated by user groups and statistical themes are described. The focus is on the challenges of producing multi topical statistics (new production method of official statistics in EU) and the issues of better measurement of social progress.

Keywords: New tools; Communicating and dissemination; Measurement of social progress

Biography: Mariana Kotzeva is President of the National Statistical Institute of the Republic of Bulgaria. Up to January 2008 she worked for the National Statistical Institute as Secretary General and Responsible for European Issues.

Mariana Kotzeva was born on 12 March 1967. She is M.A. in Economics, Specialization “Statistics” and Ph.D. in Economics, Scientific Specialty “Statistics and Demography” from the University of National and World Economy, Sofia. She has also obtained a Master degree in Economics from the New York University and the Central European University, Prague.

Mariana Kotzeva is Associate Professor in Macro-economic Statistics and Econometrics at the University of National and World Economy in Sofia where she teaches from 1995.

Her professional experience ranges from development of strategic documents to evaluation of social policies and programmes. She is a member of the Partnership Group to the European Statistical System Committee, member of the International Statistical Institute.