Tools for Communicating on New Challenges for Official Statistics Measuring Progress, Well Being and Quality of Life: Challenges for Communicating Official Statistics
Pieter Everaers
Eurostat, Commission of the European Union, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Recent challenges for official statistics as proposed in the 'Stiglitz' report, the EU Communication on 'GDP and Beyond' as having some roots in the OECD project on Measuring Progress in Societies and a follow up in the recent EU 2020 Strategy will be introduced. In the context of the current context of pressure on the resources for statistics the involvement of all stakeholders in the process of developing and implementing the new statistics in the regular statistical production process a rather wide and secure consultation process is demanded. This process embraces all types of communication, using discussion groups, expert reports, etc and is very visible in the media. It touches very strongly on the growing interest of the general public and policymakers on all type of statistical indicators and their availability and accessibility. The presentation will give an overview of these recent discussions on measuring progress, well being, sustainability and quality of life, seen from the context of the communication elements of these discussions. From the point of view of official statistics what are the stakeholders involved and how is the communication process embedded in the wider consultation process. What are the main tools used and do they have to be differentiated according to specific population groups or types of statistics.

Keywords: Communication on statistics; Indicators; Official statistics

Biography: Pieter Everaers (56) is Director External Cooperation, Communication and Key Indicators at DG Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Communities. He is responsible for the outreach on EU statistical information, for the technical cooperation of Eurostat with European and non European Third Countries and the cooperation with International Institutions. Before April 2009, he held the position of Director of Agricultural and Environment statistics; statistical cooperation and until 2006 the position of Director of External Relations Statisiics and, for a short period, Director of Business Statistics. His main specialism's' are research and survey methodology and conceptual frameworks in statistics.

He joined Eurostat in May 2004, closing a 20 years career at Statistics Netherlands (CBS). His last position (2000-2004) at Statistics Netherlands was Director of Social and Spatial Statistics. He has a PhD in Spatial Sciences at the University of Utrecht and is originally trained in Human Geography and Mathematical Sociology.