The Use of International Statistical Standards
Ricardo Rodriguez Lopez
INEGI, Mexico

Standardisation and integration of statistical production processes needs the use of standardized categories such as definitions, classifications and methodologies. These categories are generated and promoted by international organizations who are concern about the need to have comparable official information. Information flows freely across borders in an increasingly globalized world, it is been used in analytical and policy making processes worldwide.

Owing to the large number of statistical subject matter areas, there are many different international actors involved in developing “standard” categories, at regional as well as global levels; consequently they are much dispersed. Developing an inventory of statistical standards will be important to promote its use in the harmonization, integration and comparability of international and national information. National statistical offices could develop mechanisms to diagnose, which elements of the information follows statistical standards recommended by international organizations, to impel the consistency and efficiency of official statistical systems.

Bio: Dr. Alberto Ortega Venzor has led a distinguished career in both public & private service and the academia. Dr. Ortega has a PHD in Philosophy by the Universidad de Navarra (Spain). In the course of his academic career, Dr. Ortega has taught in the Panamerican University. Among his publications it is worth to mention the book on NAFTA, Historical Framework for a Negotiation and The truth in Practical Reason. In the Federal Government, from December 2000 until April 2006, Dr. Ortega served as Chief of International Affairs Unit of the Presidential Office for Public Policy and from April until November 2006 he was appointed Chief of the Presidential Office for Public Policy. From December 2006 until August 2008 he served as Chief for the Staff for the Ministry of Economy of Mexico. Currently, Dr. Ortega is the Secretary of the Government Board and General Director of Strategic Affairs of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography of Mexico.