Developmental Sustainability:Meeting Georgian Millenium Development Goals
Fritz Scheuren, Miranda Berishvili
Humanities-Technical Faculty, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia

The Republic of Georgia has always had a good potential for developing agriculture. Different climatic zones from mild to subtropical allows the country to grow grapes and citruses, wheat and corn, nuts and apples, and even kiwi and feijoa. Many urban people who were left jobless due to many reasons decide to go to the rural area and get involved in agriculture. They have some savings or some even sell their property to raise startup capital and begin everything from the scratch. But they hardly achieve good results because of lack of money, lack of expertise in the field, shortage of equipment, etc.

What a farmer needs in Georgia is a complex approach: government support, favorable conditions on credits from banks, specialization in certain fields. And all this should not have an intermittent character. There should be a long-term plan with short and long-term goals. Agriculture is a vulnerable field and hail or draught or flood could similarly destroy the whole year's labor of a farmer.

Keywords: Agriculture; Complex approach; Longterm goals; Vulnerable

Biography: Professor Miranda Berishvili has been teaching at Georgian Technical University for almost 25 years. Her main field of activity is linguistics. She also works in test designing, preparing tests in English for different levels of English language learners. For the last five years sheas a NORC employee has been involved in impact evaluation of the projects funded by Millennium Challenge Corporation.