The Virtual Statistical System as Training and Communication Tool in Africa – It's Application in Africa
Oliver J.M. Chinganya
Statistical Department, African Development Bank, Tunisia, Tunisia

The paper discusses the Virtual Statistical System (VSS) as a critical resource of knowledge management for statisticians in Africa in the statistical production processes. The developing world and Africa in particular is on the cutting edge of need for better use of reliable and timely information. A lot of information is being generated across the continent, and yet very little of it is accessed by African statisticians and planners to inform policy making, including management of development programmes to benefit the well-being of communities.

The VSS which is organized on two platforms namely activities and themes is an internet based portal which provides information directly and through many other interrelated links. It allows easy and unlimited access to information. The detailed information therein provides an opportunity for knowledge seekers not only to be better informed but to also spread knowledge on the continent at large. In addition it brings knowledge and skills to support capacity building efforts of various development partners including those of the national government. The system also presents itself as effective communicating and training tool for young statisticians who join the national statistical offices to be able to understand various aspects of statistical production – it is a platform of interaction within a statistical agency and with others in the world.

Keywords: Activities and themes; Knowledge management; Statistical capacity building; National statistical offices

Biography: Oliver J.M Chinganya, a statistician with more than 20 years of experience of statistical development in Africa, at both national and international levels. He has a wide experience and knowledge of statistical practice across Africa at both field and management levels. Also he has a broad scope, in statistical capacity development and building initiatives as well as strategic management of statistical systems.

Before joining his current employers the African Development Bank in April 2010, he worked for IMF as regional advisor (2002 – 2009) for the GDDS programme. Before then, he was Deputy Director of the Zambia Central Statistical Office.

He is a Zambian national and holds an MBA from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya and MSc. in Social Statistics from University of Southampton, UK.