An Examination of Different Approaches to Measuring Same Day Visits (SDVs) within the Republic of Ireland
James Dalton
Tourism & Travel, Central Statistics Office, Cork, Ireland

The measurement of domestic Same Day Visits (SDVs) has provoked much debate among those who study and are interested in the measurement of tourism flows. Although, there is as yet no official measure of SDVs within the Republic of Ireland, a previous study (Deegan, Kenneally, Moloney et al, 2004) using same day visit penetration rates in the UK suggest that the contribution of day visits to the domestic economy is very significant.

The Central Statistics Office carried out a pilot National Transport Survey in 2009 which took the form of an interview supplemented by a travel diary for a specified day of the week. Using the data from this survey this paper examines the most appropriate methodology for the measurement of Irish domestic same day visits using one or more parameters such as method of travel, distance travelled, place of origin and destination, time spent on the visit, purpose of visit and whether the visit was of a routine nature or not.

Following this, a first estimate will be made for the total number of SDVs within Ireland and their associated expenditure for the survey reference period.

Keywords: Same day visits; National transport survey; Travel diary; Parameters

Biography: James Dalton has been employed as a Statistician with the Central Statistics Office for 13 years. He has worked in the compilation of Tourism Statistics for the past four years. Prior to this he worked on Household Budget Surveys. His current areas of responsibility include carrying out of tourism passenger surveys at the airports and ports of the Republic of Ireland and the compilation of Tourism Satellite Accounts.