Statistics Austria's Experience in Providing Training in Tourism and Travel Statistics
Johanna Ostertag-Sydler, Peter Laimer
Spatial Statistics, Statistics Austria, Vienna, Austria

Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSAs) and other tourism and travel statistics related models are quickly gaining prominence in the agendas of many countries.

But a lot of countries encounter challenges during the implementation of TSAs and other tourism statistical measurements. Concepts and methods differ from traditional statistics and in many cases, the implementation process is a starting point for general considerations related to the existing tourism statistical system, since the need to revise basic tourism data sources is revealed.

These challenges led to new interest in training for producers of tourism and travel statistics. Statistics Austria was involved in several training initiatives aimed at assisting countries in the identification of data gaps and guiding them during the revision of existing data sources, as well as in the development of new sources, by creating awareness for the problems and by sharing their own experiences. Technical support was provided to data producers with different levels of technical skills, resources, needs and experience. The initiatives ranged from EC programs (e.g. MEDSTAT), study visits and bilateral meetings to Statistics Capacity Building Programs developed by the UNWTO.

Aside from providing data producers from National Tourism Administrations, National Statistical Offices and Central Banks with recommendations based on best practices, Statistics Austria also started to train users.

Users often want more background information (e.g. concerning availability, coverage, quality, comparability and revisions) and they need guidance on how results can/cannot be interpreted. In response to these needs workshops were conducted for journalists, members of the ministry, students and other users, who were interested in learning more about tourism and travel statistics. Moreover, university lectures about statistics in general and tourism statistics in particular were given.

The focus of the paper/presentation will be to share the Austrian experiences in providing training for producers and users of tourism and travel statistics.

Keywords: Education in tourism and travel statistics; Training initiatives for users and producers; Austrian experience

Biography: Johanna Ostertag-Sydler is tourism statistician at the Austrian National Statistical Institute, where she is responsible for the calculation of the Austrian Tourism Satellite Accounts and the compilation and analysis of data concerning the travel behavior of the Austrian population.