Tourism Statistics in Introductory and Advanced Tourism Courses
Joseph T. O'Leary
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, United States

Tourism statistics are increasingly used, collected, compiled, estimated and reported by a wide range of organizations. While demand is growing, learning opportunities that develop the expertise necessary to understand standards, collection, estimation, analytical approaches, etc. are still in a development mode especially for data users, a condition recently recognized by the President of ISI as an issue in need of international attention. This presentation outlines a framework of examples directed at learning opportunities developed for tourism statistics by public and private, academic and non-academic organizations from around the world. It suggests opportunities being developed for specialists as well as steps being taken to alert users about use to assist in management, planning and policy development. Finally suggestions are made about learning development necessary to prepare and improve specialist and user data and information utilization.

Keywords: Statistics; Learning; Courses; Users

Biography: Dr. Joseph O'Leary is a Professor at Colorado State University. His teaching and research focus on travel and tourism especially in the areas of tourism data. His background includes both public and private working experiences throughout the world. His graduate degrees are from the University of Washington and Yale University.