Results of a Project on Record Linkage, Statistical Matching and Micro Integration: The ESSnet on Data Integration
Mauro Scanu
DPTS, Istat - Istituto Nazionale di Statistica, Roma, Italy

The field of integration is in continuous development. Challenging problems need to be tackled from the methodological point of view to assess the accuracy of integration methods and to ensure the usability of the integrated data set. The ESSnet on Data Integration, partially funded by Eurostat, is a two year project (from December 2009 to december 2011) that focuses on methodologies for data integration (Record Linkage, Statistical Matching, Micro integration Processing) and on statistical aspects to be considered to make those methods concretely applicable by NSIs. This project is composed of researchers from the statistical institutes of Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, and Switzerland.

Results of this project include: an updated state of the art on data integration methods, methodological developments that allow the application of data integration methods in National Statistical Institutes, updated software tools for record linkage and statistical matching, case studies, and dissemination in the ESS through courses, on-the-job training and a workshop.

This talk will present an overview of the results of the project.

Keywords: synthetical matching; usability of integrated data; exact matching; computer linkage

Biography: Senior researcher at the Italian National Statistical Institute. Coordinator of a Eurostat funded project: ESSnet on data integration, devoted at disseminating data integration methods in the European Statistical System