Exploiting administrative data to investigate where those leaving jobs get re-employed
John Dunne
Administrative Data Centre, Central Statistics Office, Cork, Ireland

The paper will cover experiences from the Job Churn Explorer project at CSO with a particular focus on a sectoral flow analysis of job separations - where do those that leaving jobs get re-employed.

The project adapts and develops the underlying methodology outlined to date, to the situation in Ireland to provide a detailed insight into the dynamics of job churn and its components as Ireland entered the current recessionary period.

The analysis datasets used are derived from linking the following three sources:

– Business register

– Employer tax returns

– Social Protection records

The comprehensiveness of the resulting analysis dataset containing attributes on both workers and enterprises provides for significant new opportunities to inform policy and decision making with respect to the labour market.

Focusing on job separations, (employer-employee relationships that existed in year t-1 but did not exist in year t) the paper will present the projects findings with respect to the sectoral flow of workers (the movement of workers within and between different sectors of the economy).

Keywords: Job churn; Administrative data; Separations; Hirings

Biography: John Dunne is head of the Administrative Data Centre at CSO, Ireland. He currently also has responsibilities in a number of other areas at CSO including Business register and demography, statistical methods and the Quality and audit function for the office.