Pension Fund Measurement in a Contribution Pension Scheme. The Chilean Experience
Carmen Gloria Escobar1, Ana Luz Bobadilla1, Antonio Escandόn1, René Luengo1
1National Accounts Department, Central Bank of Chile, Santiago, Chile; 2Chile; 3Chile

The paper describes the main characteristics of the Pension Fund at Chile. The fund is a system of individual capitalization. It is incorporated in the financial accounts of Chile since 1986. The codes of instruments and transactions correspond to the recommendations of the SNA93, and the period comprises 1986-2008. Besides, the paper makes a comparative analysis with the specific recommendations of the SCN2008. Finally, examines the effect on the present-day measurements of the incorporation of the SNA2008.

Keywords: System of invidual capitalization; Pension fund; Financial accounts of Chile

Biography: Ms. Carmen Gloria Escobar is currently the Head of National Accounts Department of the Central Bank of Chile. This Department is responsible for compilation and dissemination of national accounts in different frequencies, including GDP regional statistics. It also compiles and release institucional sectors accounts. From 2002 to 2008, Ms. Escobar worked at the same Department as an economic sectorial analyst in topics related to Energy and other industries.

Ms. Escobar holds a PhD in Economics from the Autonomous University of Madrid. Her PhD thesis was part of an european research project focused on measuring of intangible assets to understand and improve innovation management.