Integrated Compilation of Financial and Non Financial Accounts: Chilean Experience
Josué Pérez, Claudia Henríquez
Statistics Division, Central Bank of Chile, Santiago, Chile

Since the beginnings of the 90s, the Central Bank of Chile elaborates and disseminates the yearly financial flows of funds (excluding balance sheets). Beside this, the annual non-financial accounts are elaborated since the year 2000. In general terms, these accounts are compiled by institutional unit or their groups, from their respective balance sheets and profit and loss statements. They include production, income and expenditures, accumulation and financial accounts in an integrated manner. Then, the ending balancing items of the accounts, that are at the same time the opening of the next accounts, become reconciled. This document describes the process and methods of compilation of the yearly financial and non-financial accounts of the Chilean economy, the efforts accomplished over the past years to incorporate the financial balance sheets and to increase the frequency of compilation from yearly toward quarterly.

Keywords: Financial account; Non financial account; Flows of funds

Biography: I'm Economist with a Master on Financial Economics. I have been working in Statistics Division of Central Bank of Chile since 2004, with particular attention of statistics for non financial sector and securities other than shares.