Spanish Economy Sectorisation Database
John Orowetz
Statistics Department - General Government and General Statistics Unit, Banco de España, Madrid, Madrid, Spain

The sectorisation database (BDS) is derived from an administrative register, useful for several purposes, as for example supervision of financial institutions. However, in the domain of Statistics, its main purpose is to be a crucial element for the compilation processes of some statistics, specially the General Government debt elaborated according to the EDP methodology as well as the Financial Accounts of the Spanish Economy.

The BDS of the Spanish Economy is an important statistic tool whose main objective, in the field of Public Debt statistics, is the registration of the institutional units of the Spanish Economy, classified by institutional sectors according to National Accounts rules. Therefore, BDS provides a wide list for a great quantity of Spanish entities included within the General Government sector.

BDS is published on the Banco de España website and users are allowed to consult the whole Spanish Public sector (General Government and Public Enterprises), classified by sectors and sub-sectors.

Keywords: Sectorisation; Spanish economy; Database

Biography: My name is John Orowetz. I was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1981.

During the period 1999-2004, I obtained my Degree in Economics at the University of Valencia (Spain). In addition, I improved my specialization with a second Degree on Banking and Finances at the University of Nantes (France), under a student grant.

As regards professional life, in 2007, after passing a public examination, I joined the Banco de España. Since then, I have been working as Economist Statistician in the Statistics Department.