ISI: Where Are All the Young People?
Claire Gormley
School of Mathematical Sciences, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

The aim of this session is to host a discussion on the role of early career statisticians in the International Statistical Institute. The session purposely has a provocative title in the hope that it will stimulate a lively discussion.

While a number of sections within the ISI already have special initiatives involving early career statisticians (in particular ISBIS, TIES and the Bernoulli Society), to date the role of early career statisticians in ISI has been limited. However the ISI as a whole is acutely aware that in order for the discipline of Statistics to remain active and dynamic, it is necessary that talented people are attracted to the discipline. This is a dual issue however, as early career statisticians also recognise the benefits of involvement in a statistical society whose senior members are a rich source of knowledge and experience. The global character and diversity of the ISI, encompassing all areas of Statistics, place it in a unique position among learned societies to provide for the needs of early career statisticians in all areas of the discipline.

This invited paper session aims to raise both questions and answers on how it may be possible to strengthen the role, participation and contribution of early career statisticians within the ISI. Specific issues to be discussed include:

– the relation of early career structures inside ISI sections or countries to a more general structure within the ISI.

– involving early career statisticians within the administrational structure of ISI.

– making the ISI world congresses more attractive to early career statisticians.

– aiding and promoting early career statisticians from developing countries.

The session will consist of formal presentations by ISI Vice President Professor Vijay Nair, from Professor Arnoldo Frigessi, who already has extensive experience in spear heading initiatives for early career statisticians and from Dr. Adele Marshall, chair of the Young Statisticians Section of the Royal Statistical Society. Discussions will be stimulated by Professor Victor Panaretos, the chair of a working group on the role of early career statisticians within the ISI. The organisers anticipate significant contributions from the floor, especially given the 'youth' theme planned for ISI 2013 in Hong Kong.

Keywords: Early career; Support and development; Developing nations; The future of ISI

Biography: Dr Claire Gormley is a Lecturer in Statistics within the School of Mathematical Sciences in University College Dublin.