Empirical Research on Utilization and Protection of Water Resources in China
Yanyun Zhao1, Qian Guo2
1Statistics School, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China; 2Beijing Materials University, Beijing, China

This paper takes much emphasis on issues of water in China by statistic data and methods and analyzes impaction of economy and population on water utilization and water protection. China is a country not only short of water but also uneven distribution of water. Meanwhile, population, industry and agriculture are in large demand for water. Rapid development of economy and society make burden of water systems heavier and water pollution occurs more frequently than before. Industry and agriculture use over 85% of water and the situation of water utilization will keep for a long time. Waste water, a kind of by-product of industrial production, is a main pollutant, threatening water safe in all country. Effective measures taken to protect water and abate pollution are increasing investment in the treatment of industrial water pollution and facilities for treatment of waste water.

Keywords: Water resources; Water demand and supply; Water pollution

Biography: Professor Zhao Yanyun was born in 1957 and awarded Doctor Degree at Renmin University of China in 1989. Professor Zhao is director head of Statistics School Renmin University of China. Professor Zhao is ccommitted to research international competitiveness, national accounts, statistical analysis of macroeconomic and Input-output analysis and has made many achievements in statistics.