Water Resource Development and National Innovation Competitiveness – Evidence from Countries' Comparison
Yilin Wu, Yao Wei
School of Statistics, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China

As water shortage and water pollution is posing greater and greater pressure on the survival and well-being of mankind, the water issue has become the focus of the world. However, synthetic index to measure the development of water resource at the country level is still rarely seen. In this paper, the water resource development index will be constructed in the framework defined as driving forces, state and response (DSR). As is taken into consideration when constructing a sustainable development index, the social factors and economic indicators will be combined in this paper with the natural resource indicators, thus enabling us to have a general look at the wider perspective – the whole mechanism of how water resources are influenced by human activities.

Besides, innovation has become one of the important aspects of international competitiveness. And the relationship between innovation and economic development has been discussed a lot. Nevertheless, the innovation capacity is seldom connected with the ecological or environmental issues, leaving much to explore and expect. Based on a 15-year countries' comparison, we manage to figure out the correlation framework between national innovation capacity, indicated by national innovation index published by Renmin University of China, and water resource development. From the comparison of water resource development and innovation system across major countries in the world, we summarize the water resource support pattern of the developed countries and give some suggestions to its development in China.

Keywords: Water resource development index; DSR framework; National innovation index; Water resource support pattern

Biography: Ms. Yilin Wu is a PhD. candidate majoring in statistics in School of Statistics Renmin University of China. Her main research domain and interests are applied statistics, especially international competitiveness comparison in innovation capacity, and she has also written some papers on international competitiveness of tourism, social development and financial system. And the co-author Ms. Yao Wei is apostgraduate student majoring in statistics from the same University, whose currrent academic interest is economic growth and national competitiveness.