Modeling Lagrange Sea Waves by Laplace Moving Averages
Krzysztof Podgorski
Lund University; University of Limerick

Asymmetry in geometrical features of sea waves is well documented.Models based on Lagrange description of wave motion have been used before to account for the assymetries. Although they were generally fitting well to real records, the mathematical description is fairly complicated and difficult to utilize. Instead we propose a model that is based on the Laplace moving averages. Its stochastic features are based on the second order models while geometrical features of asymmetry can be well modeled by effective fit of the model. Various characteristics including level crossing distributions have been compared between the two models essentially showing that modeling through Laplace moving averages captures most essential asymmetries and tilting of the records.

Keywords: Skewed Laplace distributions; Directional spectrum; Rice formula; Level crossing distributions

Biography: Krzysztof Podgorski is holding professorship positions at Lund University, Sweden and University of Limerick, Ireland. His research areas include: Random Spatio-temporal Fields, Non-Gaussian Stochastic Models, Modelling of Sea Surfaces, Computationally Intensive Methods of Statistics. The presented research merges two lines of his previous interests: non-Gaussian models and sea surface stochastic models.