Water Quality Control in the Portuguese North Rivers
Ines Sousa
Mathematics and Applications, Minho University, Braga, Portugal

The river water quality in Portugal is not widely studied. This study, in collaboration with the Civil Engineering Departmentof this University, aims to study the progression of water quality in different locations of the rivers in the North of Portugal. Data was collected hourly for oxigen and once a week for quimical components. The level of oxigen aims to be used as a surrogate of the quimical levels of water. Therefore, we develop a statistical model, using oxigen as a random variable that allows to make more precise predictions of the water quality in different locations. Data is also collected in different locations, and we inted to study the relations between water quality and locations along the river.

Biography: Dr. Ines Sousa got her PhD degree at Lancaster University, UK on Joint Modelling of Longitudinal and Tim-to-Event Analysis. Her interests are mainly on Modelling Longitudinal Data, developing longitudinal models motivated by medical and environmental scientific problems.