The Challenges of Measuring Health Care Quality
Jaap Van den Heuvel1, Ronald J.M.M. Does2
1Board, Reinier de Graaf Groep, Delft, NA, Netherlands; 2Quantitative Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business, Amsterdam, Netherlands

In the Netherlands we notice an increasing number of initiatives measuring health care quality in order to provide transparency to the public. Unfortunately, this is done in a non-standardized way by a growing number of organizations. Because the stakes are high and there is no independent verification of any score at all, reliability and validity are major issues. In the end patients remain confused by inconsistent and continually varying rankings of their favorite hospital.

In our presentation we introduce a framework and an organizational setting for measuring health care quality to provide the public valid and reliable information. We will dot this by using the analogies between financial management and quality management. We will demonstrate to which extent information can be derived from the quality management system. Also the sources of information that can provide quality assurance by reporting on health care quality to the public will be determined. Finally we will define minimal functional requirements to the organization of producing reliable and valuable health care information.

Keywords: Juran's Trilogy; Quality Assurance; Quality Improvement; Lean Six Sigma

Biography: Jaap van den Heuvel became a MD at the University of Leiden in 1984. In 1988 he obtained his MBA degree at the university of Rotterdam. Currently, he is CEO of the Reinier Healthcare Group in Delft. In this hospital he introduced a quality management system and Lean Six Sigma.