Beyond 2011 – Future Population Statistics for the UK
Frank Nolan
Office for National Statistics, United Kingdom

The tradition of Census taking in the UK extends back to 1801. The decennial collection provides information from each individual and household in the country. The Census estimates then form the basis for future annual estimates of population. Increasingly users want a greater range of statistics to be available more frequently and with greater timeliness. There is also a need to reduce the cost and the cost profile resulting from a Census collection. And alternative data sources which have the potential to provide information on the population are becoming more widely available. This paper explores the several options available and will review the models that are being evaluated based around combinations of household surveys, administrative data and possible alternative Census models. This work is incorporated in the Beyond 2011 project.

Keywords: Population statistics; Population census; Population estimates

Biography: Frank Nolan is the Director of Methodology at the ONS. He is responsible for the broad range of work which covers statistical and analytical methods such as questionnaire design, sample design, small area estimation and data matching, as well as classifications, geography, statistical training, quality, statistical consulting and legal services. Having managed the 2001 Census in New Zealand, supported the development of the 2011 UK Census and advised on the 2011 Jersey Census, Frank has a keen interest in Census methods.