Visualisation and Social Media as Educational Tools of National Statistical offices, Examples and Best Practices
Minna M. Korhonen
Information Services, Statistics Finland, Finland

Promoting statistical literacy is a strategic goal of national statistical offices. Interpreting numerical and statistical information can be seen as a fundamental skill in today's information society. National statistical offices are constantly confronted with questions like: How to encourage people to use statistics and familiarize themselves with statistical information? How to increase the visibility and understanding of reliable statistics?

New means of visualisation and social media open new aspects and offer possibilities in presenting and illustrating statistical information. This paper is about the ways national statistical offices use social media and visualise statistical information in the field of education. It also presents experiences received from International Statistical Literacy Poster Competition of ISLP as one example of illustrating and teaching statistics to young people.

Keywords: Education; Social media; Visualisation; ISLP-project

Biography: Minna Korhonen is a Master of Science in Economics. She is currently working as a planning officer at Statistics Finland. She is responsible for cooperation with educational institutions and for coordinating International Statistical Literacy Project in Finland.