Virtual Environment Support of Statistical Literacy at Basic Education
Irene Cazorla1, Verônica Yumi Kataoka2, Claudia Borim da Silva3, Hugo Hernandez4
1State University of Santa Cruz, Ilhéus, Bahia, Brazil; 2University of Bandeirante São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil; 3University of São Judas Tadeu, São Paulo, Brazil; 4Sciences and Humanities School - National Autonomus University of Mexico, Mexico City, D.F., Mexico

This paper aims to present the Virtual Environment Support of Statistical Literacy at Basic Education. (AVALE – EB) is being developed by researchers at State University of Santa Cruz, in collaboration with researchers from some other universities and basic education teachers. AVALE provides for free, in the WEB, didactic sequences to help teachers on teaching Probability and Statistics. AVALE-EB aims to contribute to the development of statistics literacy and scientific thinking, using contextualized activities at school, with topics that explore the cognitive aspects, and also subjects related to develop a critic conscience about using natural resources or about respecting diversity. Those sequences follow recommendations of Brazilian National Curricular Parameters, and their construction and validation are being made using Chevallard's Anthropology of Didactics Theory and Godino's Onto-semiotic approach to cognition and the mathematics instruction. This environment is being constructed on Linux platform, with the open source code software R, and provides a customized input-data system, creating a dynamic electronic sheet in real time, and providing statistics tools for data treatment. At present moment, AVALE – EB provides five learning sequences for teaching Statistics (Vitruvian Man, Class Profile I, Class Profile II, Planet Water and Planet Light) and five for teaching Probability (Buffon's Needle Problem, Discs Game, Balls Game, Spaghetti Problem and Carlinha's Random Walks). Moreover the system is being finalized in order to be available to general public, to be translated to Spanish and English, and we are looking for national and international partnerships to potentiate its use. Finally, we aim AVALE –EB may contribute to teaching Probability and Statistics at school, to develop positive attitudes towards statistics and digital inclusion among students, and to be used at a large scale within in the school.

Keywords: Virtual Environment; Software R; Statistical Literacy; Didactic Sequences

Biography: Master an PhD in Statistics at UFLA-MG. 21 year as an in service teacher. Educational researcher and materials developer in Statistics Education using software R. At present day, teacher and researcher post-graduate in Mathematic Education at the Universidade Bandeirante de São Paulo.