Statistics New Zealand's Experience of Data Integration – A Policy and Legislative Perspective
Andrew D. Hunter, Vince C. Galvin
Standards and Methods, Statistics New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand

Statistics New Zealand has used administrative data in undertaking a range of Data Integration projects over the last 10 years. This work has interacted with our policy and legislative environment in a number of ways. These have included the challenges of designing integration and privacy related protocols in a rapidly evolving user and provider environment before their consequences can be fully assessed. Tensions between measures taken to preserve privacy and archival legislation have needed to be managed. We have also had to undertake specific action to comply with the diverse requirements of the legislation under which individual data is collected.This paper will outline some significant experiences and reflect on the aspects of these that are generic.

Keywords: Statistics New Zealand; Policy and legislative environment; Preserve privacy and archival legislation

Biography: Andrew Hunter has worked for Statistics New Zealand since 1991 with the exception of two years spent in local government environmental policy and planning in the mid 1990's. Much of his career has been spent in business and economic statistics culminating in his being appointed as Deputy Government Statistician Industry and Labour market statistics in 2007. He recently rotated to his current position of Deputy GS Standards and Methods in late 2010. Andrew is also a member of the NZ Association of Economists.