Fundamental Law of Information and Its Impact on Quality of Statistics in Information Society and Knowledge-Based Economy
Jozef Olenski
Central Statistical Office of Poland, Warsaw, Al. Niepodleglosci 208, Poland

1. Attributes of information society and knowledge based economy decisive for functionalities of statistical methods, metadata and data.

2. Worse information ousts better information – Fundamental law of information and its impact on information processes in information society and knowledge-based economy:

3. Threats of the fundamental law of information for quality of statistics

3.1. Pollution of information environment in global economy and society

3.2. Semantic and pragmatic gaps between statistical categories and concepts used in political, social and economic practice

3.3. “Economic numerology”

3.4. “Composite indicators”

3.5. Subjective measurements of objective phenomena

3.6. Objective measurements of fuzzy, subjective and non-observable phenomena

3.7. Invasion of languages of mass media on the representation of statistical categories and indicators

4. What to do to protect the quality of statistics against the impact of fundamental law of information

4.1. Gnoseological limits of statistics

4.2. Standards for metainformation

4.3. Strong survey frames

4.4. Statistical deontology and professional ethics

4.5. Common education of statistical language

5. Official statistics - the “anti-hallucinogen” in polluted information environment of global information society and economy

Keywords: Quality of information; Information society; Konwledge based economy

Biography: Jozef Olenski, professor of Warsaw University, Faculty of Economics, president of the Central Statistical Office of Poland (since 2006), advisor to the Governor of the National Bank of Poland (1996 – 2006), president of the Central Statistical Office of Poland (1992 – 1995) and the chairman of the United Nations Statistical Commission (1994-1995), member of the ISI Committee on Professional Ethics and the Irving Fisher Committee, director general of the Research and Development Center of Statistics of the CSO Poland (1974 – 1991). He was also responsible for development and co-ordination of national systems of scientific and technical information in the National Center of Scientific, Technical and Economic Information of Poland. Author of over 240 scientific publications (papers, research reports, books and handbooks) in information science, economics of information, econometrics and statistics.

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