Implementation of World Census of Agriculture FAO Programme 2010 in Latin American Countries: Innovations, Issues, Challenges
Miguel A. Galmes

Latin American and Caribbean countries are making a strong effort to accomplish the undertaking of Agricultural Censuses following the World Census of Agriculture Programme 2010 (WCA 2010) promoted by FAO. The WCA 2010 covers the agricultural censuses and related surveys undertaken in the period 2006-2015. This paper presents a brief update of the present situation in Latin America regarding the progress made to implement the programme. At the same time, methods and techniques used are reviewed. Special attention is devoted to scope, coverage, incorporation of the modular approach, linkages with the population census, community level data, frames used and quality checks. As far as the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is concerned, examples of actual practices (with emphasis in the Brazilian experience) are presented. The agricultural census as frame for the on-going current surveys and sampling methods in use are also revisited. The paper also analyze the new challenges vis–vis the implementation of the Global Strategy to improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics in Latin America. Lessons learnt lead to suggestions to take into consideration for the next WCA.

Keywords: Census of agriculture; Modular approach; Census scope and coverage; Global strategy to improve agricultural and rural statistics

Biography: FAO consultant in agriculture statistics since 1983.

Professor of Statistics at the College of Economics at the University of the Republic, Uruguay, 1988-2006

Dean of the College of Economics at the University of the Republic, Uruguay, 1998-2006

Vice-Rector of the University of the Republic, Uruguay, 1999-2006

Head of the Statistical Division at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Uruguay, 1984-1988