Panel Discussion: Future Directions and New Challenges in Mathematical Statistics
Peter McCullagh1, Rosemary Bailey2, Xiao-li Meng3, Joan del Castillo4, Elvira DiNardo5
1Dept of Statistics, University of Chicago, Chicago, Il, United States; 2Mathematics, Queen Mary College, London, United Kingdom; 3Dept of statistics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, United States; 4Mathematics, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain; 5Mathematics, University of Basicilicata, Potenza, Italy

This will be a broad-ranging discussion of current issues and recent developments in statistical theory and its applications. Topics that may be covered include recent developments of a mathematical type, including random matrices, free probability, cellular automata, Levy processes; developments in combinatorics and experimental design; emerging areas of application in the biological sciences; new algorithmic techniques connected with sparsity, large p, small n problems; issues connected with the use of randomized algorithms for computation; computational developments of a combinatoric or symbolic nature; Network models, machine learning.

Keywords: Genomics; Combinatorics; Computation

Biography: Peter McCullagh has been a Professor of Statistics at the University of Chicago for the past 25 years.