Evaluation of Variatal and Moisture Content Efftect on Angle of Repose and 1000 Grain Weight of Cowpea Variety (Vigna Unguiculata (L) Walp)
Thomas A. Adegbulugbe1, Olugbemi A. Olujimi2
1Agricultural Engineering Department, Federal College of Agriculture, Institute of Agricultural Research & Training, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria; 2Data Processing Department, TNS RMS, Lagos, Nigeria

Cowpea, known to be major source of plant protein in developing countries and consumed in various form by both animal and human. This makes it one of the essential crop in Sub-Sahara African countries, therefore in designing and construction of processing machine for this crop like harvester, thresher, etc, it is very important to know the effect of moisture content and genotypic composition of this crop on some of its essential engineering properties, for example its Angle of Repose and 1000 Grain Weight. For this study, TVX 3236, Ife Brown and IT81D-994 Cowpea varieties and moisture content ranges from 10 to 35 per cent wet basis were selected. From the result of the regression analysis, it was found out that Angle of Repose of cowpea variety increases with increase in moisture content in a non-linear relationship with coefficient of determination (r2) being 0.927, 0.996 and 0.892 for TVX 3236, Ife Brown and IT81D-994 respectively. Here, Duncan Multiple Range Test (Duncan's Test) at P < 0.05 shows that TVX 3236 produced the highest varietal effect on Angle of Repose while the least varietal effect on Angle of Repose is from Ife Brown.

Similar phenomenon was found in the effect of moisture content on 1000 Grain weight. It was found through a non-linear regression relationship that an increase in moisture content leads to increase in 1000 Grain weight (r2=0.967, 0.999 and 0.995) for TVX 3236, Ife Brown and IT81D-994 respectively. Duncan's Test at P < 0.05 here shows that IT81D-994 produced the highest 1000 Grain weight while the least 1000 Grain weight was observed on TVX 3236.

Duncan's Test carried out on the effect on moisture content on both Angle of Repose and 1000 Grain weight shows that 35% moisture content wet basis produced the highest moisture content effect on both engineering (physical) properties.

Keywords: Moisture Content; Physical Properties; Duncan Multiple Range Test; Regression Analysis

Biography: I am Olugbemi Olujimi, a native of Abeokuta in Ogun State. I graduated from the Federal Polytechnics Bida, Niger State holding Higher National Diploma in Statistics.

I possessed more than ten years experience in applying Statistical skills in solving research problems.

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