Is HIV/AIDS Funding Justified in Developing Countries?
Casment C.S. Mahlwele, Casment C.S. Mahlwele
Statistics South Africa, Social Analysis, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

The study discusses the backlash against AIDS specific funding. The core of the backlash has come from those asserting that AIDS-related funding has undermined health systems in developing countries. Pessimistic attitudes from economists amongst others are a major set back for the war against HIV/AIDS funding.

The main objective of the study was to determine whether HIV/Aids funding has caused a decline in funding for general health systems support.

The study evaluated the causes of death in the World, Africa and South Africa, determined the effect of HIV/AIDS funding on primary health services and indicated areas where health funding is needed and necessary. Information from UNAIDS, WHO, MRC and HSRC was used for analysis.

The study found that major causes of death in the world were coronary heart disease, Stroke and other cerebra vascular disease. HIV related diseases were mainly responsible for deaths in South Africa. TB, Malaria, Road Accidence, Malnutrition and Respiratory disease complete the list. HIV funding has increased significantly in the past decade (1998 – 2008) while funding for general health remained stable.

Conclusively, the study found that health funding has shifted from general health to AIDS, TB and Malaria due to their magnitude. However this does not necessarily imply that funding for other health services has declined.

AIDS has driven money and resources into a wide set of health and development areas which has driven a need to manage AIDS and related efforts horizontally in most places,

It is recommended that:

Access to HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment programs be increased,

Increase and improve health centers especially in Low Developed Countries,

Increase and maintain high levels of funding for HIV/AIDS as the need arises,

Establishment of systems for oversight and for empowering health ministries to set their own priorities through democracy.

Keywords: HIV/AIDS; Funding; Developing Countries; Justification

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