Rare Objects Found in LAMOST Spectra by Data Mining
A-Li Luo, Yan-Xia Zhang, Jian-Nan Zhang, Liang-Ping Tu, Yue Wu, Bin Jiang
Key Laboratory of Optical Astronomy, National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

LAMOST is on its commission period, and will plan to start survey in 2011. There will be more and more spectra data gathered by the Galaxy survey and the extra galaxy of LAMOST. Some data mining methods are developed to searching for rare data, such as Supernovae, CV stars, HVS, and metal poor stars. All the methods are examined by application in SDSS spectra. Some methods are presented in this paper, and applications are also shown. By these methods, large amount of rare objects will be found during the time when LAMOST survey performs.

Keywords: Data ming; CV stars; HVS; Supernova

Biography: got PhD. in 2001 from Chinese Academy of Sciences. Major in astronomical spectral analysis and data mining. science interests are metal poor star, CV star, HVS and Supernova. Head of the Survey and Data Division of LAMOST center.