Implementation of International Standard “Government Finance Statistics” in Practice of Developing Countries (Ukraine as an Example)
Ruslan Motoryn1, Tetiana Motoryna2
1Statistics, Ukrainian State University of Finance, Kyiv, Ukraine; 2Statistics, Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Kyiv, Ukraine

Government finance statistics (GFS) are international standard and a key to fiscal analysis. It plays a important role both in developing and monitoring financial programs and economic policies.

Ukraine at least initially compiled only a small part of the GFS system.

Implementation of the fully integrated GFS will take some time and will need to progress at a rate determined by the differing needs and circumstances of the Ukraine. Ukraine will need to revise it's underlying accounting system to reflect the accrual accounting principles and revised classifications of the GFS system.

The followings problems of implementation of international standard of government finance statistics in practice of Ukraine will be considered in the article:

Analysis of accordance of national classifications to international (GFS).

Problems of accounting of nonfinancial assets of the general government sector.

Problems revise underlying accounting system to reflect the accrual accounting principles (from cash method).

Keywords: Implementation; government finance statistics; fiscal analysis; national accounts

Biography: Prof., Dr. of Statistics of Ukrainian State University of Finance and International Trade, Kiev (since 2005).

Prof., Dr. of Statistics University of Lublin Politechnika (Lublin, Poland) (since 2008).

Member of the professional association of Ukrainian Senior Official Statisticians, October 1995 – November 2001.

Ordinary (Elected 1998) Member of International Statistical Institute, ISI (International Association for Official Statisticians section, International Association for Statistical Education), Member of the Committee for Glossary of Statistical Terms of ISI, National correspondent of Ukraine (IASE).