Statistical Inference on Constant Stress Accelerated Life Tests under Generalized Gamma Lifetime Distributions
Tsai-Hung Fan, Yi-Jun Chen
Graduate Institute of Statistics, National Central University, Jhongli, Taiwan

We will discuss the reliability analysis of constant stress accelerated life tests under generalized gamma lifetime distributions. Statistical inference on the estimation of the underlying model parameters as well as the mean life time and the reliability function will be addressed based on the maximum likelihood approach. Large sample theory will be derived for the goodness of fit of the data. Some simulation study and an illustrative example will be presented to show the appropriateness of the proposed method.

Keywords: Reliability analysis; Constant stress accelerated life test; Generalized gamma distributions

Biography: Professor Tsai-Hung Fan is full professor at the Graduate Institute of Statistics at National Central University, Taiwan.

She received her Ph.D. degree in Statistics from Purdue University. Her research interests include Bayesian statistics, statistical computing and Reliability analysis.