Dual Frame Implementation for the Colombian National Agricultural Survey
Oscar F. Merchan1, Cristiano Ferraz2, Leonardo Trujillo1
1Department of Statistics, National University of Colombia, Bogota, Colombia; 2Department of Statistics, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Pernambuco, Brazil

Multiple frame surveys are very useful when it is not possible to guarantee a complete coverage of the target population and may result in considerable cost savings over a single frame design with comparable precision. However, this technique is not very often applied from national statistical offices (NSO) due to its complexity and also because in most surveys only a single sample frame is available. Regarding the Colombian case, the implementation of multiple frame surveys is very rare and therefore, this paper presents a proposal for a dual frame implementation in the National Agricultural Survey at DANE (National Statistical Administrative Department - Colombian NSO) considering the three most well known available estimators for the population total in the recent statistical literature. The nominal coverage probability differs to the actual coverage probability for the three estimators considered. A final poststratification adjustment is suggested in order to increase accuracy and efficiency.


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Keywords: Multiple frame surveys; Complex surveys; Agricultural surveys; Variance estimation

Biography: Dr. Leonardo Trujillo got his PhD at the Division of Statistics, University of Southampton, UK. He also got his MsC. and his BsC. degree from the National University of Colombia at Bogota. He works as a Lecturer at the Department of Statistics of the National University of Colombia and he is currently the Editor in Chief of the Colombian Journal of Statistics. He has also worked for DANE (Office for National Statistics in Colombia), CIAT (International Centre for Tropical Agriculture) and the National Ministry of Transport among other public and private institutions in Colombia.