A Study on Census Supporting Method Using Aerial Image System
Kibong Park
Geospatial Information Service Team, Statistics Korea, Daejeon, Republic of Korea

The population and housing census is a large-scale survey to investigate the chage, population and housing characteristics, which are used to establish and evaluate development plans for economic, social and private sectors.

Since the introduction of a digital map was used for creating Enumeration District (E.D.) for large-scale census, Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies have made a lot of progress. Nevertherless, there have been some limitations in solving problems such as map updating and determining location of survey targets from maps.

In this paper, we study the enhancement of conducting census using aerial images. We also introduce survey researches using satellite or aerial image in order to identify fish farm facilities and estimate fish production, etc. We focus on discussing our experience of building aerial image system for 2010 Population and Housing Census. We mention our experience with the respect to both work efficiency and system operation in detail.

Finally, we propose how to build aerial image system with world portals using aerial and satellite images which is useful for developing countries and is based on Open API methodology.


Kim B. S., 2010, Pilot study of rice cultivation area survey using satellite, The Korea Rural Economic Institute (KREI)

Choi E. Y., 2009, The role of GIS for production and service of space statistics of the population and housing census, Statistical Research Institute

Keywords: aerial image system; Populaltion and Housing Census; Enumeration District (E.D.); Geographic Information System (G.I.S.)

Biography: have gotten Ma.Demography from University of the Philippines (UPPI)

Interested in building Data processing System based on Web and Database for Developing countires

have beeen to Bangladesh Statistical Office to advice DB constructing and suggest Data Processing system.