A New Family of Generalized Power Transformations and the Educational Ambassador ASA Program
Diana M. Kelmansky1, Elena J. Martínez2
1Instituto de Cálculo, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas Univ. de Bs As, Buenos Aires, Argentina; 2Instituto de Cálculo, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas Univ. de Bs As, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Educational Ambassadorship is an initiative of the ASA that begun in 2005. This report describes the activities accomplished by the First Educational Ambassador from Argentina (years 2005 to 2010). Several major results of the initiative will be described. The first one: twenty new members were recruited by the ASA. The second one: students from Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile and Brazil were benefited by the semester and short courses together with lecture notes in Spanish on Microarray data analysis. The third one: a new research line is growing with several master students and senior researchers. Also consulting is being provided to biological researchers. Both consultants and researchers are regarding the course learned at JSM on microarrays data analysis as very valuable.

Finally there will be a description of the ongoing research: “A new family of generalized power transformations”, a joint work with Elena Martinez. This family provides a framework for modelling not only for microarray data (the subject on which the initial 2005 JSM course was held) but also for oncoming massive DNA sequencing data.

Keywords: Educational Ambassador; Microarrays; Transformations

Biography: First Educational Ambassador -2005- of the American Statistical Association from Argentina.

PhD of the Universidad de Buenos Aires 1991

Current Professor of the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas.

Director of the “Programa de Actualizacόn en Estadística para Ciencias de la Salud” 2002-2007 (Statistical Program For Health Researchers)