A Study on a Dynamic Stochastic Process for Traffic Congestion
Saebom Jeon, Yousung Park
Institute of Statistics, Korea University, Seoul, Republic of Korea; Department of Statistics, Korea University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Traffic congestion is a serious socio-economic problem causing environmental expense and nation's resource waste. To resolve traffic congestion, management of the existing traffic network is the most effective and important way for policy makers. Understanding the current traffic condition should precede the proper management, and Speed-Flow-Density diagram is useful to investigate it. This research investigates the current status of network through the queueing process which is very useful to explain the stochastic phenomena of traffic. Dynamic structure in the stochastic process enables us to reflect the structural change of the network condition in traffic congestion. We specify queueing model with structural change by nonlinear optimization method to find the best suitable model and estimate parameters of interest. With the optimized results, we develop network performance indices in terms of congestion and travel time, and evaluate the network efficiency in view of marginal congestion cost.


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Keywords: Queueing; Structural change; Congestion index; Congestion cost

Biography: Saebom Jeon, a Ph.D in Statistics since 2010, now works for Institute of Statistics, Korea University as a Research Professor.