The Efficiency of Small Sized Farm Producers of Burkina Faso
Kabore Waog-Wendé Theophile
DGPSAA, DGPER, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a developing country in West Africa where the rainfall measurement is feeble and irregular and where farmers have few financial resources to handle this situation.

From 1970 to 2000, the government of Burkina Faso changed its emphasis to irrigated agriculture as a key for food security and self sufficiency in the country. (autosuffisance alimentaire). This led to investments in large irrigation projects. The policy failed, however, because there were not agreements between the government and the farmers working on these projects.

Moreover, in Burkina Faso there is a change of eating habits as many are turning to rice consumption. Since 2001, one of the new agricultural policy features is the development of small rice farms.

The objective of this paper is to measure the productive efficiency of small sized farm producers based on the concept of technical efficiency. The proposed methodology is applied to a randomly selected sample of 220 rice growing farms located in Burkina Faso.

A stochastic production frontier approach, based on Battese and Coelli's inefficiency effect model (1995), is used to obtain farm-specific estimates of technical efficiency.

Empirical results show that the estimated mean technical efficiency ranges from a minimum of 12.82% to a maximum of 90.69% with an average estimate of 53.71%. This result means that a 46.29% increase in production is possible with the present state of technology and unchanged input uses if technical inefficiency is completely removed: that offer to government services ways to work with farmers.

The last step of the analysis consists of the identification of the factors influencing farmers' efficiency differentials on the basis of a one-stage regression approach.


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Keywords: Small size; Rice; Efficiency; Stochastic frontier production function

Biography: My name is Theohile and I'm 25 and from Burkina Faso, I studied statistics in Morocco and graduated with an engenner diploma in statistics but want to do a PhD in economics.