Marshall-Olkin Family of Distributions and Their Applications in Reliability Theory, Time Series Modelling and Stress-Strength Analysis
Jose K. Kanichukattu
Statistics, St.Thomas College Pala, M.G. University, Kottayam, Kerala, India

In this paper we consider various Marshall-Olkin distributions and develop autoregressive minification processes with stationary marginals as exponential,Weibull,uniform,Pareto,Gumbel,Lomax etc.The applications in reliability modelling and stress-strength analysis are considered.Problems of estimation of parameters is addressed.Various properties are examined.Modelling with respect to a real data set is also done.Simulation studies are conducted to validate the theory.

Keywords: Distribution Theory; Reliability Analysis; Time series modelling; Stress-strength analysis

Biography: Dr.Jose K. Kanichukattu is the Principal of St.Thomas College Palai, India.He was Professor and Head of the Department of Statistics from 1997 to 2009.He was the Director in charge of the Centre for Mathematical Sciences Pala Campus during 2002-2009.He had published more than 100 research papers in reputed journals and guided 12 research scholars in their Ph.D. works. He had carried out 8 research projects funded by various agencies.He was chairman/member of examination boards of M.Sc./M.Phil./Ph.D. various universities in India.He is an elected member of ISI, member of IMS,INFORMS,ISPS,SSCA,KSA etc. He was President of Kerala Statistical Association during 2000-2008 and its General Secretary during 1995-2000.His areas of specialisation are Time series modelling, Distribution theory, Stochastic processes etc. He had received many national awards for best teacher by AIACHE New Delhi in 2006, St.Berchman's Award 2007, Award for Merritorious Research by Ministry of Statistics, Govt. of India in 2002.